Terry Rayon Suits: Everything You Need to Know

Terry Rayon Suits: Everything You Need to Know

Every man should own a suit. Whether your job requires you to wear one or not, certain occasions will arise that call for one. When an event or occasion is formal, you'll have to choose something a bit more dressy than jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, a high-quality suit is the perfect choice of men's formal wear, as it offers a clean and cohesive appearance that's become the de-facto standard for such occasions. But suit's are available in a wide variety of fabrics, and it's important to choose the right one. Cotton and linen are often preferred for summer months when the temperatures are hot. Wool suits, however, a better choice for the cold fall and winter months, as the increased thickness offers greater warmth. With that said, you shouldn't limit yourself to only choosing suits made of cotton, linen or wool. There are many other fabrics in which men's suits are made, including Terry Rayon. So, what exactly is Terry Rayon and why does it make such an excellent choice of fabric for men's suits?

Terry Rayon: the Basics

In case this is your first time hearing about Terry Rayon, let me give you a quick overview of this versatile fabric. Basically, Terry Rayon is a premium-grade fabric that's made of rayon and polyester fibers. When combined and woven together, it offers a strong yet super-comfortable fabric that's ideal for use in the construction of men's suits. Terry Rayon looks like and feels like wool, featuring a soft and supple texture that resembles its counterpart. Don't let that fool you into thinking Terry Rayon is nothing more than wool, however. On the contrary, while it looks and feels like wool, it's actually stronger and more durable. So choosing a Terry Rayon suit means you get the best of both worlds: it's strong yet still super soft and comfortable at the same time.

Is a Terry Rayon Suit the Right Choice for Me?

Well, it depends on what look you are trying to achieve. For some men, the Terry Rayon suit is probably the best choice. For others, perhaps a different type of suit would work best. The key thing to remember is that Terry Rayon is a high-quality, luxurious fabric that's not found in your typical retail department store. In fact, it's so rare that only a select few stores carry them, including StudioSuits. So if you want a suit that every other guy is wearing, choose a traditional fabric like cotton. But if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd while leaving a lasting, positive impression on those whom you encounter, choose Terry Rayon. Whether you choose a suit made of 100% Terry Rayon or any other fabric, however, you should pay close attention to its care label. Found directly inside the collar towards the back of the neck, this label provides specific instructions from the manufacturer on how to clean and care for the suit. It's recommended that you follow the steps listed on your suit's care label, as this will protect the fabric from damage while prolonging the overall life of your suit. Most manufacturers include instructions on how to wash, dry and spot-clean suits on the care label, so check it before engaging in any of the activities. And remember, when in doubt err on the side of caution by taking your suit to a professional dry cleaners. uniform-238483_960_720344

Tips on Choosing a Terry Rayon Men's Suit:

  • Check to see what the lining is made of. Different Terry Rayon suits are made with different lining. A popular choice of lining for such suits is 100% viscose, although you can find them available in other lining fabrics as well.
  • Double-check the label to see if it contains any other fabrics or materials. Just because a suit is listed as "Terry Rayon" doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't contain other fabrics. Some men's suits are made of a blend of multiple fabrics.
  • What color suit do you want? If you buy your Terry Rayon suit here at StudioSuits, you can choose from 17 different colors.
  • Pay close attention to how the Terry Rayon suit fits. It's hard enough trying to find a Terry Rayon suit, but it's even more difficult finding one that fits your body just right. You can shop at dozens of different department stores, only to come away empty-handed at the end of the day. A smarter solution, however, is to buy your Terry Rayon suit here at StudioSuits. You can specify your exact measurements during checkout, meaning the Terry Rayon suit will fit you perfectly.
  • Don't be fooled by suits made of other materials and fabric that mimic Terry Rayon. If you want to reap all of the benefits of Terry Rayon, you need to choose a suit made of genuine, authentic Terry Rayon and not some imitation material. Imitation materials may look like the real thing, but they ultimately fall short of achieving the same attractive characteristics as Terry Rayon.
  • Look at the buttons on the suit jacket/coat. Terry Rayon suit jackets and coats typically either have one, two or three buttons. A good rule of thumb to follow when wearing a Terry Rayon suit is to leave the bottom button undone while fastening the rest, unless you are wearing a coat or jacket with a single button, in which case you should always leave it undone.
  • Do you have matching shoes to wear with your new Terry Rayon suit? Some men underestimate the importance of wearing matching shoes, assuming that it doesn't make a difference. But your choice of shoes can and will affect the appearance of your Terry Rayon suit. Choose footwear that reflect the style and color of your Terry Rayon suit.
  • What type of design are you looking for? Like most suits, Terry Rayon suits are available in many different designs, including single-color, pinstripe and more. Generally speaking, black Terry Rayon suits offer a more formal appearance than lighter colors, so keep this in mind when shopping for a new Terry Rayon suit.