Suit vs Tuxedo for a Wedding: Which Should I Choose?

Suit vs Tuxedo for a Wedding: Which Should I Choose?

Are there wedding bells ringing in your future? If so, let me first congratulate you. But now you're faced with the task of trying to decide what to wear. While it's ultimately your decision, most guys prefer to wear either a suit or tuxedo. Both are excellent options that will create a formal appearance that's perfect for traditional weddings. However, there are some key differences between suits and tuxedos that shouldn't be ignored.


Among the most notable differences between a tuxedo and a suit is the fabric from which they are made. Tuxedos are generally produced with satin on the lapels, buttons, pockets, and a few other areas. Suits, on the other hand, do not have any satin present, instead featuring plastic or pearl buttons. By including satin in the tuxedo, it offers a unique shiny look that's not found in other materials. Some guys prefer this look, whereas others prefer the look of traditional wool and/or cotton suits.


Another difference between suits and tuxedos lies in the buttons. It's not uncommon for a suit jacket to have up to three different buttons, whereas tuxedo jackets tend to have fewer buttons. And the buttons founds on a tuxedo are usually covered in satin.


In terms of accessories, a tuxedo is worn with a vest and bow tie. Suits are worn with a necktie, and in some cases, a vest. Don't get me wrong, you can still wear a bow tie with a suit or a necktie with a tuxedo, but this is the traditional format regarding these two popular forms of men's apparel.

Which One is Best for a Wedding?

Again, it's ultimately your decision regarding what you wear at your wedding. Tuxedos, however, are generally viewed as a more formal choice of attire than a suit. The addition of satin, although subtle, really enhances its appearance with a greater level of aesthetics. But some guys still prefer the look of a traditional suit, consisting of trousers, a matching a coat, dress shirt, and a necktie. Of course, one of the reasons why some guys prefer suits over tuxedos at weddings is because they want to leave the focus on the bride. After all, it's her big day, so all eyes should be on her and not the groom. Hopefully, this will give you a better understanding of the difference between suits and tuxedos.