Suit Trousers: Which Style is Right for Me?

Suit Trousers: Which Style is Right for Me?

Trousers are an essential component in a men's suit. Unfortunately, though, many guys are guilty of wearing the wrong trousers, which in turn brings down the aesthetics of their entire outfit. If you're struggling to find the perfect trousers, we have some tips to help.


Let's first go ahead and discuss one of the most obvious things to consider when choosing suit trousers: the color. If you wear the wrong colored trousers, it will clash with the rest of your suit to create a messy appearance. The right colored trousers, on the other hand, will bring your suit together in a stylish, cohesive manner. A good rule of thumb is to choose trousers in the same or slightly different shade of your shirt. While this isn't required for all occasions, maintaining a uniform color between your shirt and trousers will enhance your appearance.


Trousers are available in a wide variety of materials, ranging from cotton and linen to wool and corduroy. There's really no single "best" material, as each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. For summer wear, a lighter material like linen is preferred, but wool may offer greater warmth and comfort for the cold winter months.

Pleats or No Pleats?

That is the question. Traditionally, most men's trousers are made with two forward pleats. This allows for a greater level of comfort when sitting, as the pleats allow encourage the trousers to fold naturally without pinching. However, some guys prefer the cleaner and more modern look of non-pleated trousers. So, should you choose pleated trousers or non-pleated trousers? Choosing between pleated or non-pleated trousers is ultimately a personal decision. It's not going to have a significant impact on your appearance, so don't worry too much about the nuances between these two different styles. With that said, pleated trousers are most commonly seen on formal suits.

Belt or Bracers?

Last but not least, you'll need to decide whether to wear a belt or braces with your trousers. Bracers have been the traditional choice among men's formal wear, with their use dating back more than a century ago. Due to the restrictions on elastic materials during the World War, however, bracers were replace with belts. Today, belts remain the preferred choice among the majority of men, but this doesn't necessarily mean that bracers are obsolete. If you're looking to make a fashion statement and want to stand out, consider wearing bracers instead of a belt.