Suit Tips for Big and Tall Men

Suit Tips for Big and Tall Men

No two men have the exact same body size. Sure, some men may weigh the same, but there are probably still nuances regarding their body size and posture. Men with a larger size typically have to wear "Big and Tall" clothes. As the name suggests, these clothes are designed specifically for larger men. They feature larger sizes, often accompanied with extra support so they are able to withstand the hands of time. But what if you need a Big and Tall suit? Whether this is your first time shopping for a Big and Tall suit or if you've been doing it for years, we have some tips to help you out. Following these tips will set you on the right track for finding the perfect Big and Tall suit.

Go Big... But Not Too Big

There's a fine line you must balance when shopping for a Big and Tall suit. You want the suit to be large enough to accommodate your needs, yet at the same time it shouldn't be so big that it drapes off your body. So, how do you know if a suit is too big? You can usually tell if a blazer, coat or jacket is too big by looking at the shoulders. If the shoulders are poofy and/or bunched up, it's usually indicative of an oversized jacket or coat. Whether it's a standard size or Big and Tall, suit jackets and coats should sit comfortably on the shoulders, without bunching up. The bottom line is that you should pay close attention to the shoulders when choosing a suit, especially if you're a Big and Tall man.

Steer Clear of Off-the-Rack Suits

Although tempting, it's best to avoid buying an off-the-rack suit. Sure, you may get lucky on occasion and find a Big and Tall suit that fits perfectly in a retail department store, but this rarely happens. Instead, you'll probably spend the entire day scouring department stores, all to no avail. But if you aren't supposed to buy an off-the-rack Big and Tall suit, how are you supposed to find them? Well, there are two other ways in which men's suits are sold: bespoke and made-to-measure. Bespoke suits are made from scratch according to the customer's size specifications. Made-to-measure suits are also customized according to the customer's size, although they are made from pre-made patterns. You really can't go wrong with either a bespoke or made-to-measure Big and Tall suit. Just remember to steer clear of off-the-rack suits.

Watch the Stripes

Generally speaking, it's best to avoid suits with horizontal stripes if you're a Big and Tall man. The problem with horizontal stripes is that it creates the impression of a wider figure -- something that most Big and Tall men want to avoid. Instead of choosing a suit with horizontal stripes, perhaps you can choose a solid color suit. Or if you're mind is set on a "design" rather than a solid color, try a plaid suit. Plaid patterns and designs don't have the same widening effect as horizontal stripes, making them an excellent choice for Big and Tall men. 

Lightweight Fabrics

Contrary to what some people may believe, not all men's Big and Tall suits are mad of 100% cotton. Sure, cotton is a popular choice of material for this purpose, but other fabrics used to make Big and Tall suits include linen, wool and various synthetic blends. When choosing a Big and Tall suit, it's usually best to stick with a lighter, thinner fabric. Heavy fabrics will weigh you down while also making you hotter and less uncomfortable -- at least, that's what many men report when wearing them. By choosing a lightweight fabric like linen, however, you'll be more comfortable while wearing your Big and Tall suit.


Something else to consider when choosing a Big and Tall suit is the color. Now if you've ever shopped for a Big and Tall suit before -- and I'm assuming you have -- you're probably well aware of just how many different colors are available. You can choose from basic, traditional colors, such as black, white and gray, as well as bolder colors like light blue. So, which color is best for a Big and Tall suit? It really depends on your personal style and preference, although neutral colors are a safe choice that you really can't go wrong with.

Suspenders or a Belt?

Normally, most men prefer to wear a belt with their suit. But if you're a Big and Tall man, you should consider ditching the belt in favor of suspenders. There's just something naturally appealing with suspenders as opposed to a belt. Suspenders enhance the appearance of a Big and Tall suit, offering a cleaner and more formal appearance. And let's face it, most Big and Tall men will agree that suspenders are more comfortable to wear than belts. With that said, you'll need to choose suspenders that match your suit. If you are wearing a traditional black suit, for instance, you should avoid wearing brown suspenders (brown and black do not match). A better choice is to wear black suspenders with a black suit.

Don't Forget the Accessories

The right accessories can greatly improve the appearance of a Big and Tall suit. On that same principle, however, the wrong accessories can have the opposite effect by hurting your efforts to create a clean, well-made look. Consider accessorizing your Big and Tall suit with a few simple items, such as a matching wristwatch, tie bar, and cufflinks (if your jacket requires them). The tie bar is useful for not only holding your necktie in place but also adding a new dynamic to your outfit. And a wristwatch is another dual-purpose accessory, as it keeps track of time while enhancing your appearance. Be sure to include these accessories in your Big and Tall suit for a deeper, more formal appearance that's sure to turn heads.