Suit Spotlight: The Italian Wool Stretch Pinnez Suit

Suit Spotlight: The Italian Wool Stretch Pinnez Suit

Have you heard of the Italian Wool Stretch Pinnez Suit? Available for sale here at StudioSuits, it's a high-quality two-piece suit that's made of stretch wool. It consists of an elegant suit jacket and a matching pair of trousers. When shopping for your next suit, you may want to choose the Italian Limited Edition Suits. There are countless other wool suits available on the market, but the Italian Suits from StudioSuits stands out from its counterpart in a few ways.

What Is the Italian Wool Suit?

The Italian Wool Suit is a two-piece men's suit made of Italian-woven stretch wool. It features a formal suit jacket and a pair of formal trousers, both of which are made of Italian-woven stretch wool. You can wear the Italian Wool Suit for any formal occasion. With its classic style, it's a versatile choice of formalwear.

What makes the Italian Wool Stretch Suit different from other formal wool suits, though, is its construction. It's constructed of stretch wool. Other types of wool suits are constructed of regular and plain wool. Why does this matter exactly?

Regular Wool vs Stretch Wool What's the Difference?

Regular wool consists entirely of animal fur. It's typically harvested from sheep or goats. Sheep and goats are raised on farms. Every once or twice a year, they will be sheared to remove their fur. This fur is later sold as a texture where it's used in the production of garments like sweaters, sweatpants and, of course, suits.

Stretch wool is a newer type of suit material that leverages the elastic properties of at least one other fabric. Stretch wool still features animal fur. Whether regular or stretch, all wool consists of the fur of a particular animal. With that said, it contains an elastic fabric as well.

As its name suggests, stretch wool is stretchy. It's made of regular wool that's mixed with an elastic fabric, such as elastane. The Italian Wool Stretch Suit is made of stretch wool. More specifically, it's constructed of 44% wool, 55% viscose and 1% elastane.

Elastane is an elastic fabric. While 1% may sound like a small amount of elastane, it's more than enough to change the physical properties of wool. Rather than being rigid, wool becomes stretchier and more elastic when mixed with elastane.

Benefits of Choosing the Italian Wool Stretch Suit

With the Italian Wool Suit, you'll experience a superior level of comfort. Wool is undoubtedly soft. It's regarded as one of the softest fabrics on the planet, in fact. The Italian Wool Stretch Suit isn't just made of plain wool, though; it's made of stretch wool.

You may discover that suits made of stretch wool are more comfortable to wear than those made of plain wool. Both types of suits are soft, but those made of stretch wool offer an elastic construction that's not found in plain-wood suits.

The Italian Wool Stretch Suit is made of stretch wool, which features elastane. As an elastic fabric, elastane makes it stretchier and more elastic. You can pull and tug on elastane, and upon releasing it, it will revert back to its original size.

You can rest assured knowing that the Italian Wool Stretch is well made. It's woven in Italy. Italy, of course, is home to some of the world's finest mills. In terms of quality, Italian-woven suits come out on top. They are almost always of higher quality than suits woven in other countries.

Because it features Italian wool, the Italian Wool Stretch Suit is long-lasting. It won't rip, tear or otherwise succumb to damage as easily as other types of wool suits. In turn, you'll get plenty of use out of the Italian Wool Stretch Suit. It's a premium suit that can last for countless years when properly maintained.

While other stores sell Italian-woven wool suits, you can save money by purchasing the affordable Italian Limited Edition Suit. It's available at a fraction of the cost of other Italian-wool suits. Rather than wasting your money on a generic Italian-woven wool suit, you can save money by choosing the Italian Wool Stretch Suit.

Jacket Styles: What You Should Know

The Italian Wool Stretch Suit is available in different jacket styles. Whether you prefer a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket style, it's probably available in it.

Single-breasted jacket styles include one button, two button, three button and four button. You can order the Italian Wool Suit in any of these single-breasted jacket styles. The one-button jacket style, of course, features a single button on the front, whereas the four-button jacket style features a column of four buttons on the front.

You aren't forced to choose a single-breasted jacket style with the Italian Wool Suit; it's available in double-breasted jacket styles as well. Double-breasted styles are characterized by the use of two columns of buttons. While single-breasted jacket styles have a single column of buttons, double-breasted jacket styles have two side-by-side columns of buttons.

Make Sure It Fits

Like with any suit, you'll want to make sure the Italian Wool Stretch Suit fits. Choosing a suit in the wrong size is frustrating. Upon trying it on, you may discover that it's too big or too small. To avoid this problem, you can opt for a custom size.

Custom sizing is available for the Italian Suits. Here at StudioSuits, we offer custom sizing on all of our suits at no additional charge. You can choose a ready size or made to measure option. with Custom size, you can specify your own body measurements when ordering the Italian Wool Stretch Suit.

In Conclusion

For a comfortable and semi-elastic suit that you can wear for many years to come, look no further than the Italian Stretch Suits.