Suit Spotlight: The Italian Wool Silk Herringbone Suit

Suit Spotlight: The Italian Wool Silk Herringbone Suit

Have you heard of the Italian Wool Silk Herringbone Suit? Available for sale here at StudioSuits, it's a brilliant two-piece men's suit. It features an elegant suit jacket as well as a pair of equally elegant matching trousers. If you're planning to buy a new suit in the near future, you may want to choose the Italian Limited Edition Suit. To learn more about it, keep reading.

What Is the Italian Wool Silk Herringbone Suit?

The Italian Wool Sink Herringbone Suit is a premium two-piece suit that's made of a combination of three fabrics: Italian wool, linen and silk. Most suits, of course, are made of a single fabric. Some of them are made entirely of wool, whereas others are made entirely of cotton or linen. While there's nothing wrong with single-fabric suits such as these, you can now find suits made of multiple fabrics, including the Italian Wool Sink Herringbone Suit.

Based on its appearance, the Italian Suit may look like an ordinary two-piece suit. It features a suit jacket with a pair of matching trousers. The Italian Wool Silk Suit is distinguished from other two-piece suits, though, by its construction. It's not constructed of a single fabric.

These three individual fabrics are blended together to create a new hybrid fabric. The Italian Wool Silk Suit is defined by its construction, which consists of Italian wool, linen and silk.

This Men's Suit also features a cobalt blue color. It's a soft and light tone that complements most other colors. With the Italian Wool Sink Herringbone Suit, you can choose just about any necktie, belt and other accessories to wear with it.

Benefits of Choosing the Italian Wool Silk Herringbone Suit

Why should you choose the Italian Wool Sink Herringbone Suit exactly It offers several benefits when compared to other two-piece suits. With the Italian Wool Suit, you can easily create a formal appearance. It's a premium two-piece suit that projects a stylish, formal appearance.

You can rest assured knowing that the Suit is soft. Some suits are scratchy or rough. When wearing them for long periods, they may irritate your skin. This isn't an issue with the Italian Wool Suit, however. The hybrid fabric from which it's made is exceptionally soft.

Another benefit of choosing the Italian Suit is protection from wrinkles. Some suits are more likely to wrinkle than others. The Italian Suit falls under the latter category. It has a low risk of developing wrinkles thanks to its hybrid fabric.

You can easily match the Italian Wool Silk Suit with other garments and accessories. As previously mentioned, it features a cobalt blue color. Cobalt blue is a universal color that matches most other colors. The end result is more options when getting dressed. You can wear countless other colors with the Italian Wool Suit -- all while creating a matching out.

Things to Consider When Ordering the Italian Wool Sink Herringbone Suit

There are a few things you should consider when ordering the Italian Suit. For starters, you should consider the jacket style. The Italian Suit comes with a jacket and matching trousers. When ordering it, though, you can typically choose from one of several jacket styles. The Italian Suit comes in one-button, two-button, three-button and double-breasted jacket styles.

You should also consider the lapels when ordering the Mens Suit. All suit jackets have lapels. Lapels are a band of folded fabric that runs around the collar or neck opening of a suit jacket. Some suit jackets have notch lapels, whereas others have slim or peak lapels. If you're going to order the Italian Suit, you should choose lapels that are clean and attractive for maximum benefit.

Along with the jacket style and lapels, you should consider the vent type when ordering the premium luxury suit. Suit jackets are often vented. A vent is a slit that's found on the back of a suit jacket. It's designed to prevent a suit jacket from stretching when you sit and stand.

You can find the Italian Limited Edition Suit in single vent and double vent types. A single vent means the jacket has a single slit in the back. A double vent, on the other hand, means the jacket has two slits in the back.

You can also order the Men's Italian Suits either with or without lining. Lining is a layer of fabric that's added to the interior of the jacket and trousers. It's not visible from the outside. Nonetheless, lining will create a more comfortable fit by providing an extra layer of softness.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

The Italian Wool Suit requires maintenance. You'll need to maintain it to make it last. Fortunately, the Italian Suit is relatively easy to maintain. If you notice a minor blemish on it, you can spot clean it.

Removing lint is another form of maintenance you shouldn't overlook. The Italian Suits can develop lint just like most other suits. Lint is essentially small pieces or bundles of fiber. Over time, they can stick to the surface of your suit. To remove lint, use a lint roller. A lint roller will quickly and effectively remove lint from the trousers and jacket of your suit.

Don't forget to read the care tag. The Italian Suit comes with a care tag. On this tag, you can find instructions on how to wash, dry and otherwise maintain it