Suit Spotlight: The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit

Suit Spotlight: The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit

Not all suits are made equal. While they all consist of a formal jacket and a pair of matching trousers -- either with or without a vest -- some of them offer a higher level of aesthetics than others. The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit, for instance, is the perfect choice for nearly all formal occasions. It features a stunning black and white pattern that projects a luxurious, sophisticated appearance.

What Is the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit?

The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit is a premium red carpet suit sold here at Studio Suits. It's crafted from 100% cotton jacquard fabric, resulting in a super soft and supple texture that's not found elsewhere. If you're looking to make a fashion statement, you may want to choose the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit. With its cotton jacquard fabric construction, combined with its black and white pattern, it will take your appearance to the next level.

All About Jacquard Cotton

There are plenty of other cotton suits available for sale, some of which also feature a black and white pattern. But don't let that fool you into thinking they are the same quality as the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit. Other suits are typically made of traditional cotton. The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit, conversely, is made of cotton jacquard. What is cotton jacquard exactly?

The term "cotton jacquard" refers to cotton that's woven on a special type of loom. Known as a jacquard loom, it allows patterns to be woven into the fabric. Most suits feature patterns printed onto the fabric. With a jacquard loom, clothing manufacturers can create patterns by weaving them into the fabric. Jacquard cotton is simply cotton that's made with a jacquard loom. Like other jacquard-made fabrics, it features a pattern woven into it.

Woven In Italy

As part of our Red Carpet Collection, you can rest assured knowing that the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit is well made. Red carpet suits are distinguished from other types of suits by their level of quality. They feature a higher-quality construction that manifests in the form of more a stylish appearance as well as a softer, more comfortable texture.

You don't have to be a movie star to wear a red carpet suit. While red carpet events are typically associated with celebrities, they are available for everyone to wear. If you're trying to achieve a formal appearance, you can't go wrong with a red carpet suit. The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit, of course, is a red carpet suit. It features a superior quality than that of other types of suits.

Single-Breasted, 2-Button Jacket Style

The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit features a single-breasted, two-button jacket style. As you may know, all suit jackets can be categorized as either single breasted or double breasted. Single-breasted jacket styles have one column of buttons, whereas double-breasted jacket styles have two columns of buttons. The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit only has one column of buttons, so it's categorized as a single-breasted style.

You'll also notice that the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit has two buttons total on the front of the jacket. Single-breasted jackets are available in a different number of buttons. Some of them only have one or two buttons on the front. Other single-breasted jackets have three or four buttons on the front. Regardless, single-breasted styles are characterized by the use of a single column of buttons. The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit features a single column consisting of two buttons in total.

Single-breasted suit jackets are more popular than double-breasted suit jackets. This hasn't always been the case. In the past, double-breasted suit jackets outranked their single-breasted counterparts. But today, most men prefer to wear single-breasted jacket styles. The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit is one of many premium men's suits that features a single-breasted jacket style.

Notch Lapels

Another feature of the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit that's worth noting is notch lapels. Lapels are sections of folded fabric around the collar of a suit jacket. All suit jackets have at least some type of lapels. The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit specifically features notch lapels.

Also known as step collar lapels, notch lapels involve sections of folded fabric that are sewn into the jacket at an angle. There are several other types of lapels, some of which include peaked and shawl. For single-breasted jacket styles, though, none are more popular than notch. Notch has become the leading type of lapels for single-breasted jacket styles. You can find the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit, along with other single-breasted suit jackets, with notch lapels. 

Made to Measure

There's nothing worse than ordering a new suit, only to discover that it doesn't fit upon arrival. Maybe it's too big in the shoulders, or perhaps the trousers are too long. Regardless, you won't get much use out of a new suit if it doesn't fit.

You can avoid problems such as this by ordering the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit. It's available in both standard sizes and custom sizes. Custom sizes are made to measure. When you order the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit, you can enter your body measurements during the checkout process. We'll use these measurements to design the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit so that it fits perfectly.

Made-to-measure suits like the Italian Cotton Cozar Suit offer several benefits, including the following:

  • Don't have to deal with returning them
  • Offers a cleaner and more sophisticated appearance
  • Custom sizes available at no additional charge
  • Increased comfort
  • You can wear them for a longer length of time

2 Cuff Buttons

The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit features two cuff buttons. Cuffs, of course, are the ends of the sleeves. All suit jackets have cuffs. There's a cuff at the end of each sleeve.

Some suit jackets don't have cuff buttons. They still have cuffs, but instead of buttons, they have holes. You can fasten these cuffs by using cufflinks. The Italian Cotton Cozar Suit doesn't require the use of cufflinks. The cuffs already have buttons built into them. Each cuff has a pair of buttons, which you can use to fasten the cuffs.