Suit Spotlight: The Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit

Suit Spotlight: The Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit

If you're tired of wearing the same dull or generic-looking suit day after day, you may want to invest in the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit. Available for sale here at StudioSuits, it offers a unique design that stands out.

You can wear the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit for any formal occasion. Maybe you're heading to a job interview or business meeting, or perhaps you're preparing to attend a wedding. Formal occasions such as these require the use of a formal outfit, and the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit is an all-around great choice.

What Is the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit?

The Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit is a premium two-piece men's suit that features a sharkskin design in a dark gray color. It's not actually made of sharkskin. Rather, the term "sharkskin" refers to the weave type and/or color of a suit.

All sharkskin suits feature a pick-and-pick weave type or a dark gray color. Alternatively, some of them feature a pick-and-pick weave type and a dark gray color. Sharkskin suits aren't made of real sharkskin; they receive this namesake from their sharkskin-like appearance, which involves the use of a pick-and-pick weave type and/or a dark gray color.

Wool Construction

You can find sharkskin suits in different materials. With that said, the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit sold here at StudioSuits is made exclusively of wool.

Wool is prized for its warmth. Of all the different materials in which suits are made, wool is among the warmest. The Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit is made of 100% pure wool. Therefore, it will keep you warm during the cold winter months. Both the jacket and trousers are made of 100% pure wool, resulting in a superior level of warmth.

Wool offers several advantages over other suit materials, some of which include the following:

  • High insulation value
  • Soft and gentle to the touch
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Renewable and eco-friendly

Protection From Wrinkles

Dealing with wrinkles is frustrating. You can iron, steam or even dry clean a suit to remove wrinkles. But wrinkles will often return when you wear a given suit. Fortunately, the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit offers a high level of protection against wrinkles thanks to its weave type.

As previously mentioned, sharkskin suits typically feature a pick-and-pick weave type. This unique weave type leverages two different threads: a light-colored thread and a dark-colored thread. The dark-colored thread goes diagonally over the light-colored thread. With a pick-and-pick weave type such as this, sharkskin suits like the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit are protected against wrinkles. They are less likely to develop wrinkles than suits with an alternative weave type.

If you find yourself constantly ironing or otherwise removing wrinkles, you may want to choose the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit. The pick-and-pick weave type minimizes the risk of wrinkles. It will promote a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance. There are still occasions in which the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit may develop wrinkles. When compared to other types of suits with a different weave type, though, the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit offers a high level of protection against wrinkles.

2-Button Jacket Style

The Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit features a two-button jacket style. All suit jackets have buttons -- and the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit is no exception. It features a traditional jacket style consisting of two buttons.

When wearing the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit, you can either leave both of the jacket buttons unfastened, or you can fasten the top button. This is the proper etiquette for all two-button jackets. Some men prefer to leave both of the buttons unfastened, whereas others prefer to fasten the top button while leaving the bottom button unfastened. Regardless, you'll have the freedom to fasten both of the buttons or only the top button when wearing the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit.

Notch Lapels

You may notice that the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit features notch lapels. Also known as step lapels, notch lapels are characterized by an angled, triangular shape. They are sewn into the collar at an angle. 

Notch lapels are particularly common with single-breasted suits. The Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit, of course, is a single-breasted suit. It has a single column of buttons on the front of the jacket. In comparison, double-breasted suits have two columns of buttons on the front of the jacket. Most single-breasted suits like the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit feature notch lapels.

Support for Accessories

The Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit supports a variety of accessories. You may want to accessorize it with a pocket square, for instance. Pocket squares are pieces of cloth that are folded and tucked into the breast pocket of a suit jacket. They don't serve any functional purpose. Instead, pocket squares are purely aesthetic. They add color to the suits with which they are worn.

No suit is complete without a tie. If you're going to wear the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit, you should accessorize it with a tie. You can wear either a necktie or a bow tie with it. Neckties are longer and narrower, whereas bow ties consist of a small tie that's worn in front of the collar.

Easy to Match

The Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit is easy to match with other garments. You'll have to wear a shirt with it, for example. All suits require the use of a dress shirt. You'll need to wear a button-up dress shirt under your suit jacket. With its dark gray, however, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a button-up dress shirt to match the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit.

Dark gray is a universal color. As a universal color, it flows cohesively with most other colors on the color wheel. You can wear a button-up dress shirt in just about any color with the Bristol Gray Sharkskin Suit. A white shirt with a dark gray suit is a flattering combination. Or you can choose a shirt in an entirely different color like light blue.