Suit Jacket Button Rules

Suit Jacket Button Rules

Have you been buttoning your suit buttons wrongly? This article will teach you how to button a suit jacket, whether for a single-breasted or double-breasted suit jacket. Even if you have been doing it wrongly in the past, with the suit jacket button rule, it will be a walk in the park the next time you are wearing your suit. A few things to know about suit jacket buttoning are: Do you button both buttons on a suit? Top or bottom button suit, which should you leave unbuttoned and which should be fastened. 

Suit buttons come in different numbers, such as a single button suit, 2 button suit, 3 button suit, and 4 button suit jackets. If you fall into the category of men who don't know how to go about buttoning and unbuttoning, the suit jacket button rules here will help you get started. If you want to learn how to button a suit jacket like a pro, read on to find out how. 

Suit Button Style

The Benefits of Following Suit Jacket Button Rules

Knowing the rules governing how to button a suit jacket is essential. It shows that you have a hang of how to dress correctly. Many people violate the suit jacket button rule because they are ignorant of it or don't know how it works.

You need to know which suit jacket button rule to follow per time. This sets men who know apart from those who don't know. Furthermore, knowing these rules makes your dressing appear smart. Knowing which button to button on a suit will prevent it from popping when you sit down. 

Again, you can sit comfortably without having your jacket forming wrinkles. The design of most modern-day suits is that the bottom button will be left free, so you should also take note of this suit jacket button rule. 

Suit Jacket Button Rules for Single-Breasted Suit Jacket

We will consider different types of suit jacket button rules for single-breasted suit jackets in this article. Each has its suit jacket buttoning rules to follow. We will see for each one which button suit jacket you should leave open. The suit jacket button rules are:

  • One button suit rule
  • The button suit rule
  • The button suit rule

One Button Suit Rule

As the name suggests, this type has only one button in front of it. With this type of jacket, you don't need to ask which button on a suit you should fasten and which should be left open since it is one button. They are formal style, which is seen in tuxedos and suit jackets. 

One Button Suit

When wearing this type of one button suit, you must fasten the buttons when standing. This is one of the suit jacket button rules that applies to this type of jacket. When the button is closed, it creates a streamlined silhouette, forming a fine V shape on the jacket. Never leave the suit jacket without buttoning up. It will make you look crass, especially when attending a formal event. 

Two Button Suit Rule

A two button suit rule applies to jackets with two buttons in front. You will mostly see two buttons in most suits available now. Having two buttons on a suit jacket comes with its own rules, different from what you have with a button suit. People often ask, which should we button? Top or bottom button suit? 

Two Button

The two button suit rule says you should button the top button while the button on the bottom is left open. Like every other type of suit jacket design, this style exudes a timeless and bold look. This can also be seen in how designers cut the suit to accommodate this style. 

Fastening both buttons will defeat the purpose of creating the V shape. Plus, it becomes tight around the waistline, making the wearer look stocked. Instead, stick to the rule to keep the top button closed while the lower button is unbuttoned. 

Three Button Suit Rule

The three button suit is one of the oldies from way back. It fits perfectly for tall men. A 3 button suit jacket has three buttons located in front of it. Like the two button suit, the button rule for this jacket is different. Even though there are three buttons here, you will keep two closed while one is left unfastened. 

Three Button Suit

So, here are a few rules on whether to close the top or bottom button suit

  • You can fasten the button at the top while standing up or leave it altogether 
  • The middle button should be buttoned once you are on your feet
  • Finally, the bottom button should always be open

Suit Jacket Button Rules For Double Breasted Suit Jackets

Single-breasted suits differ from double-breasted suits, so the suit jacket button rule will vary. For double-breasted, the suit jacket button rule is straightforward. You will fasten all the buttons regardless of whether it is a three button suit or a button suit. 

Double Breasted Suit

However, for the button at the bottom right of the jacket, you can either button it or leave it open. You must understand that the design of double-breasted suit jackets requires the wearer to button up even when sitting. Leaving the buttons open will only make you look weird and disorganized. 

In a double-breasted blazer, not all the buttons have a buttonhole to be fastened. For example, if the suit is tagged 2×1, it means it has two buttons, but only 1 has a buttonhole. If classified as 4×2, the jacket has four buttons, but only two have a buttonhole. 

Four Button Suit Double Breasted Jacket

The 4 button suit type is one of the least double-breasted suits, just like the six button suit. However, the rule of suit jacket buttoning still applies here. For the 4×2 suit, you can button both the top and bottom buttons. Alternatively, you can fasten the top or bottom button suit jacket, depending on your preference. However, the 4×1 suit jacket has only one working button, so it must be fastened. 

Take Advantage of The Suit Button Rules to Dress Better

Simple things like knowing which button to button on a suit will go a long way to show if you know how to dress or not. So, you must know when to button suit jacket and when to leave it open. It signals that you know what you are doing and are a smart dresser. Any suit button rule written here is for you to read, learn, and implement. All you need is to take and use them for your purpose.