Styling Tips For Different Body Types

Styling Tips For Different Body Types

Are you always stuck trying to choose the right clothes that fit your physique? Do you always feel that your clothes don't look awesome on you? Well, we have got you covered. The ultimate step in achieving physical attractiveness is recognising which body type you fall under and how to style different body types

There are five male body types which include the inverted triangle, trapezoid, triangle, rectangle, and oval. These amazing men's styling tips will bring out your contour and boost your confidence as you walk down the streets. So, gentlemen, let's get right into styling tips for different body types here.

Knowing Your Body Type

Knowing your body type is essential to getting the right clothes that fit your body. Most men fall into one of these categories:

  • The weight lifter/inverted triangle: Actors who have played superhero characters fall into this category. Think of Henry Cavill and Dwane Johnson. If you could picture them, then your imagination is right. You fall under this category if your chest and shoulders are wider than your waist giving the shape of a triangle that has the base up and the tip at the bottom. This means you might probably spend extra time lifting weights in the gym and this has left you with a broader chest and a narrower waist. 
  • The trapezoid: You will likely find this shape in sports athletes. Think of Olympic stars and you have the right mental pictures. It is associated with a broad upper section and a narrow one. i.e., your chest is broad and you have a narrow waist.
  • The triangle:  The complete opposite of the inverted triangle, this shape is particularly characterized by narrow shoulders and a wider hip. Ultimately, the tip of the triangle is found in the upper section while the base is at the waist.
  • The rectangle: You fall under this category if your shoulders are of equal width with your waist. As a result of this, your body takes the shape of a rectangle.
  • The Oval: Compare this body to a teddy bear and you are not wrong. If you have this body shape, that means your torso is an almost round shape supported by slim legs and hands.

Now that we have looked into the different body types, we will also explore the different ways you can style them.

Styling Tips For The Inverted Triangle/The Weight Lifter

    1. Wear a V-neck: The goal is to dial down the enormous bulk of your upper body by drawing focus to your other body parts. Wearing V-necks will create the illusion that you have a narrower chest and focus the eyes down.
    2. Opt for straight-cut pants: These will create a balanced silhouette. Get the perfect bootcut jeans with Studiosuits. Straight cuts or skin cuts will even out your body's proportion by taking the eye away from your broad shoulders. If you want to shop for jeans, then you should opt for tapered ones.  Avoid skinny trousers because this defeats the purpose. 
    3. Wear shirts with simple logos: Do away with shirts that have large prints. Instead, adopt shirts with simple logos or drawings. It will take the attention off of your wide shoulders and give a proportionate balance to your figure.

Styling Tips For The Trapezoid Body Shape

This is the easiest body type to dress. Most football stars and athletes are good examples of this category. For people in this category, the clothes you wear will naturally accentuate your unique figure. Here are the ways to spruce up.

  1. Embrace bold colors: These colors best suit your physique. Learn to adopt shirts with large patterns and logos as they are vital to your athletic build. Unlike the weight lifter body shape, you need not worry about drawing too much attention to your shoulders. Be free to experiment with bold prints and colors.
  2. Throw on a jacket: Jackets are one of the best options for you because they emphasize your shoulders and give your body the right balance.
  3. Experiment with different trousers: Try out different trousers. From wearing khakis to Chinos to ripped jeans and baggy pants, you have a vast array to choose from. So, never hesitate to incorporate this styling tip into your fashion statements.

Styling Tips For The Triangle Body Shape

  1. Work on your shoulders: Due to the imbalances in your body's proportion, you want to wear clothes that accentuate the width of your shoulders. Clothes you can wear include jackets with padding. T-shirts with rounded necks will also come in handy. 
  2. Pay attention to your midsection: You are going to want to avoid clothes like horizontal stripes which will draw attention to your lower body. Instead, go for vertical stripes because these will give you length.
  3. Invest in clothes with darker colors: Spend your money shopping for darker blues, greys, and browns. You can rest assured that these will help de-emphasize your lower area and create the illusion of a larger upper body. 
  4. Embrace slim/straight jeans: When it comes to jeans, go for slim-fit ones. Ensure they are not too tight. Straight-legged jeans will help diminish the bulk of your hips.

Styling Tips For The Rectangle Body Shape

The man with the rectangle body is probably always the tallest in the room. If you find yourself in this group, styling will require thoughtful planning. 

  1. Horizontal stripes: Considering your narrow build, you should go for horizontal stripes. While vertical stripes increase the length of your torso, horizontal ones work at widening it.
  2. Do away with oversized clothing: If you can think of a scarecrow, that’s the same result you will get when you put on baggy shirts. Instead, get a well-fitting T-shirt with a rounded neck. This will add mass to your upper body.
  3. Play with bright colors: Wearing clothes with dark colors diminishes the kind of shape you want to create. Colors like black will only make you look slimmer. Instead, shop for bright colors that will emphasize the width of your shoulders.
  4. Tailoring: Getting the right tailored outfits is essential to improving your body shape. Jackets are wonderful. You will need one that creates bulk on your shoulders and tapers at the waist to give your body proportion. 

Styling Tips For The Oval Body Shape

As a man with this shape, you will have to create a more defined silhouette, since the bulk of your mass is concentrated in your torso.

  1. Avoid loose-fitting clothes: Choosing baggy clothing will make it difficult for you to create a definite shape. So, your best bet will be to adopt not-too-loose clothes and not-too-fitting ones. You will have to find a middle ground.
  2. Pinstripes are your friendly neighbors: The good news is that pinstripes and vertical stripes can help give your body an illusion of length. 
  3. V-neck shirts: Grace your wardrobe with V-neck shirts. The purpose of this is to ensure that your shoulder appears wider at the expense of your midsection.
  4. Longer jackets: Wearing longer jackets reduces volume and enhances length.