StudioSuits Collection- The Modern Vintage

Ever fascinated by the look that of the 2013 Great Gatsby movie characters exhibited? Does the classic vintage look appeal to your styling senses? Go on, you are at the right place. At StudioSuits, we love the classic vintage and our styling experts have interpreted it with modern finish. So, in any StudioSuits collection, we are an epitome of timeless charm and grace.

Check out our range of the modern classic and vintage Suits in medium brown, grey or light blue colors suitable for summer. Suits are fashioned with peak lapels and notch lapels, highly admired and popular with our customer base. Unlike many tailors, our styling experts ensure that the suits are well tailored to fit snug on the body. We emphasize a lot on the custom made suits, vest and trousers because we are best at it and we know, you’ll look best in them as well.

For a classic vintage look, ensure that you team up your Suit with matching vest and pants.  If you cannot afford to have the luxury of wearing matching vests and pants, you may complement your suit with vests and trousers of the same color family. Vests could be single or double breasted with 5-6 buttons up the front.

We suggest avoiding fully pleated pants for the vintage look. The 1920's suit pants had single pleats, button fly’s, classic width, cuffed hems at the ankle held up by suspenders. Though belts were in fashion but button on suspenders had preference over others. Modern pants sit very low around the hip unlike the ones stitched during the 1920's that fit very high, almost close to the rib cage. StudioSuits experts know how to help you with a best fit both in terms of waist height and pre-cuffed legs too.

Ahh! Men's neckties in the original vintage era were usually of wide diagonal stripes, polka dots and paisley patterns. The vintage is not done without the ties. The bow tie and necktie are equally and should usually be a shade stronger than the trouser, the suit and the vest. The trick is, prefer a lighter shade of anything that you want to have less focus on than something you would like to show off. The pocket square however can be contrasting.