Street Style: Style that reflects your attitude

Street Style: Style that reflects your attitude

Have you ever come across people on the street and thought “Wow, I love what they’re wearing”, or “their sense of style is incredible”. Well that individual might as well be part of street style, which is a type of fashion that has emerged from the grassroots. StudioSuits shakes hands between you and sartorial men/ fashionable women. Let us explore what people are wearing on the streets. Here is some popular street fashion found around the world:

  • Japanese Street Fashion: This sort of fashion emerged in the 21stcentury and has a lot of avante garde and haute couture elements. Some of the popular street fashion here includes Lolita, Gyaru, Ganguru, Kogal, Decora, Shironuri, mori girl, etc. Suits are often custom made suits and during the winter, custom coats are preferred at times.

Lolita street style

Ganguro street style

  • New York Street Fashion: New York Street style is quite unique and distinctive. People don’t dress as loud and vibrantly as those in Japan and maintain clean cut looks. They also wear a lot of tailored suits that go well with the cool climate. Custom coats are also quite common.
  • London Street Style: London street style varies from that of other cities in numerous ways. People tend to wear layers of clothing due to the climate and pair interesting separates together. A few individuals prefer custom shirts and see to it that whatever they have no one else does.


Street Fashion isn’t the same every season

The clothes we wear in the summer are quite different from those we wear during the other seasons. Street fashion changes from season to season.

  • Summer and spring lures people to wear a lot of free flowing clothing including comfortable tailored suits that add elegance to the attire. A lot of floral patterns as well as bright colors are used commonly as well. Light weight fabric is preferred during this time of year.
  • During winter and autumn, individuals tend to wear warmer clothing. They also purchase custom made suits and custom shirts that fit their personal needs.

Famous celebrity’s street styles:

  •  Eva Longoria has caught the eyes of people around with her comfortable and sexy black attire. The grey deep neck top and the dark handbag won the game.
  • Lady Gaga is always on the rocks! Her Mona Lisa style looks amazing with the high heel boots.
  • The clashing check by the owner of Gary Pepper Vintage, Nicole Warne has showcased how to play with the black and white checks. The monochrome color with the over sized jacket looks perfect.
  •  Chiara Ferragni, wearing SS14 baseball jacket and long over knee boots from her wardrobe is seriously challenging.
  •  The blend of Forever 21 jacket made out of leather and old woolen jacket with shoes and thrift pants.

There are numerous street wear brands out there. Silas and Maria, Us Versus Them, Brknhome, Carhartt UK, In4mation, Stussy, Supreme, Alife, 10 Deep and Bounty Hunter are few. Street style is all about wearing your expressions and your attitude.

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