Silk Suits

During summers, silk is one of the most comfortable fabrics when it comes to formal or party wear.  The kind of suits that men wear are not really easy clothing and during summers it gets difficult to  wear such formal clothing during important events. Silk suits help in being comfortable while making you look elegant at the same time. Silk is a light fabric and allows the wearer to stay cool during extreme heat of summer and warms up during winter. Silk suits come in various weights and designs. Usually the fabric of the suits are a combination of wool and silk. Pure silk suits come very expensive and not everyone can afford it. Wool and silk blend suits offer comfort and design both to everyone. It is very important to opt for good quality silk or silk-blend fabric as a poor quality fabric can lead to bad quality suit. It is also important to get good quality tailor to have a custom fit suit. Studio Suits provides the best quality custom fit suits by a team of expert tailors. Silk suits are lined mostly. Lining can be made of viscose or satin. Silk suits need to be strictly dry-cleaned. Washing with water and detergent can affect the texture of the fabric. One can accessorize a silk suit with fancy cuff links. Designer personalized cuff links are also available these days which go really well with elegant silk suits that are also custom fit. Studio Suits provides with the best quality fabric and the custom fit suits are made as per the measurement shared by the customers, accurately.