Should I Wear a Belt or Suspenders?

Should I Wear a Belt or Suspenders?

Can't seem to choose between a belt or suspenders? Both are classic fashion accessories that offer aesthetic and functional benefits. Regardless of which one you wear, they'll keep your pants from falling down while also adding new color and style to your outfit. But there are subtle nuances between the two that shouldn't be overlooked. So, should you wear a belt or suspenders? To better answer this question, we're going to take a closer look at these fashion accessories and their respective characteristics.


For most men, a belt is the preferred choice. Typically consisting of a fixed strap that wraps around the waist, it supports your pants or trousers, preventing them from falling down. It's a little-known fact that belts have been around for centuries, with some of the earliest examples dating back to the Bronze Age. These belts were rudimentary to say the least, but they played a key role in shaping modern day fashion. Today, nearly every man (and woman for that matter) owns a belt. It's become the de-facto standard of fashion accessories, and for good reason: a belt is a simple yet meaningful accessory that differentiates your appearance while keeping your pants around your waist. Far too many men choose pants in a size bigger than what they actually need, believing this gives them "growing room." But until they grow into their pants, they'll need an accessory to prevent them from falling down -- and that's where a belt comes into play. This otherwise simple accessory secures your pants or trousers around your waist, while also adding new color and style to your outfit. It's a one-two punch that's guaranteed to give you greater self-confidence about your appearance. One of the great things about belts is the countless styles in which they are available. You can find standard all-black or brown leather belts, or you can choose more "unique" belts featuring ridges, patterns, designs and more. When choosing a belt, consider when and how you'll be wearing it. If you plan on wearing it with a black suit, for instance, perhaps a similar black leather belt is the right choice. Or if you plan on wearing it with a brown suit, stick with a brown belt. It's also worth noting that belts are easier to use than suspenders -- at least for most men. If you have trouble getting suspenders on, you may want to choose a belt for this very reason. You can put on (or remove) a belt in less than a minute, whereas a pair of suspenders may take several minutes to adjust properly. If you're running late for work, you may not have to wear suspenders, in which case a belt is probably the better option of the two. objects-1425244


On the other side of the fence are suspenders. As you may already know, suspenders (known as bracers in the United Kingdom) are straps worn over the shoulders that hold up your pants or trousers. The bottom of the suspenders typically have clips that connect to the top of the your pants. The top part of the suspenders are draped over the shoulders, essentially using the shoulders to support the pants or trousers to which they are attached. According to Wikipedia, Albert Thurston is credited with inventing the modern suspenders in 1820. Soon after they were invented, suspenders became the standard fashion accessory for securing pants or trousers, even more so than belts. However, this trend later reversed, as Life magazine published an article in which they said that 60% of American men in 1938 preferred belts over suspenders. This doesn't necessarily mean that suspenders became obsolete, however. Many men continued to wear them despite the growing popularity surrounding belts. If you plan on wearing suspenders, however, there are a few things you should know. First, suspenders are typically more formal than belts, making them a great choice for men wearing suits. There's an inherit formal element associated with suspenders that aren't found in belts. Maybe it's the timeless style, or perhaps it's the greater variety in which they are available. Regardless of the reason, you can achieve a more formal appearance in your outfit by wearing suspenders. Furthermore, it's worth noting that not all pants have belt loops, in which case suspenders may be your only option. Without belt loops on your pants, you won't be able to secure them with a belt. Suspenders, however, can be worn with all styles of pants, with or without belt loops.

Why Not Both?

Of course, another idea is to wear a belt and suspenders. Granted, you only need one of these accessories to keep your pants from falling down, but wearing them both in the same outfit can enhance and improve your appearance. In the past, some people have considered wearing both a belt and suspenders to be a fashion faux pas. This belief has since changed, however, as many men today now wear both of these classic fashion accessories. If you choose to wear both a belt and suspenders, it's recommended that you stick with a similar color and style. You wouldn't want to wear a brown belt with black suspenders, for instance. A better combination is a brown belt with brown suspenders. Maintaining a cohesive theme throughout your outfit is essential to creating an attractive appearance. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of the differences between belts and suspenders and which accessory is right for you. The key thing to remember is that belts are easier and more versatile, while suspenders are slightly more difficult to wear and offer a more formal appearance. Honestly, you really can't go wrong with either of these accessories. As you can see here, though, there are some key differences between belts and suspenders that shouldn't be ignored.