Short Suits for Wedding

Short Suits for Wedding

Traditionally, most wedding attires follow an almost premeditated pattern, but with contemporary styles, there has been a twist. Going further to show that it can be a bold fashion statement is the short suit. It has found its way into the fashion world as a nontraditional and daring fashion piece. In addition, it is competing with the conventional wedding suit and classic tuxedo. 

Suit and shorts add a touch of style even at weddings. Their versatility and style are some of the aspects to consider. Can you wear a tuxedo with shorts? Yes. Even though this is a deviation from the traditional dress code, it's still a unique ensemble. Often called" tuxedo shorts, " this outfit stands out if you know how to combine it. In this article, we will take you through the journey of different wedding short suits. So, get ready as we explore this fashion-forward style and all its unique audacity.

Can You Wear Short Suits For Wedding

The short suits were discussed when Lebron James pulled off one to the NBA Finals. The outfit stirred reactions from people who wondered what fashion that was about. 

Typically, the traditional way to wear a suit jacket is to wear it with long pants. Notwithstanding, there are now Suit shorts men can wear, which are trendy and stylish. Short suits are often associated with casual, business casual, and meetings with a more flexible dress code. 

Can you wear men's suit shorts for wedding? Short suits can apply only in some settings, for example, offbeat or unusual weddings. The outfit will only work if it is part of the dress code or if celebrants are okay with it. The most important thing is to respect the occasion, and if short suits are out of the picture, you shouldn't wear them.

How to Wear Short Suits For Wedding

Since the inception of the Bermuda shorts used during WWII when clothing materials were scarce, dressing in a suit and shorts has become part of Bermudian culture.  Shorts are warm-weather casual outfits for men. They are flexible and allow for unrestricted movement. 

Shorts and suit trousers are typically made from the same fabric. The only difference is that the suit shorts will stop at the knee while the trousers reach the ankle. Many stars and celebrities have been pushing the suit and shorts ideas, which seems like a good bet. You can dress in a suit with shorts better by wearing a beige short suit, and then layer it underneath with a Dublin cream shirt. 

You can make a custom-made outfit or let your tailor take measurements and cut your suit shorts. Remember to style your men's suit shorts for wedding like you will style full-length pants. Wear a dress shirt, shoes, tie, pocket square, and other accessories.

Why Choose Short Suits

As we have observed, there are many suit shorts men can wear these days for personal style. Here are various reasons why short suits are gaining popularity these days. 

Comfort: Short suits offer the best comfortability, especially during warm weather. This is due to the lightweight and breathable materials used in making them that allow for easy ventilation.

Elegance: Surprisingly, suits and shorts can serve both formal and casual settings that allow such dress codes. With many inspirations like the mens short suit wedding collection, you can dress it up or down with complementary accessories to suit the event. 

Versatility: There are different styling options to wear with shorts suit. You can style up a "shorts tuxedo," "shorts suit," and shorts and blazers. You can add one to your wardrobe ensemble if you have none. 

Stylish: This style is a modern wedding piece for the fashion-forward team. If you are fashion savvy, choosing one of the mens short suit collections for wedding is fanciful. 

Wedding Inspiration: The suit with shorts works well for destination weddings, resort weddings, beach weddings, etc. You can wear a suit and shorts for these weddings with unusual vibes. 

Different Types of Suit Shorts

These fashion items come in different styles, fabrics, and tastes. If you are looking for a suit with shorts for your upcoming, you can pick one from here.   

Bermuda Shorts: They are timeless knee-length shorts with a classic look. Bermuda shorts are one of the suit shorts men can wear to summer weddings. 

Chinos Shorts: This type of fabric is versatile, comfortable, and breathable. You can dress it up or down to suit the occasion. 

Linen shorts: Linen fabric has high breathability, making it a comfortable material for the hot weather. Linen is one of the men's suit shorts for wedding that fits beach weddings and destination weddings. 

Seersucker Shorts: The texture of the fabric makes them suitable for garden events and summer weddings. 

Cotton Shorts: Cotton fabrics are one of the oldies that can be used in making suits with shorts. Cotton has high breathability and will work well in warm weather. 

Wear Your Short Suits to Fit

How well should your suit shorts fit when you wear them? For each body type, the fitting is different. However, we will look at the best fit for your body size. Let's discuss.

Men With Big Thighs

Men considered athletic should wear suits and shorts that are not too tight. Your outfit should be tailored to fit your body size to avoid discomfort. Men like this with muscular bodies are pretty large, especially from the shoulder down to the waist. 

Even though most want to wear loose shorts to balance their body size, they should also be careful not to end up with an inappropriate "shorts tuxedo" or suit. Let your tailor make a balanced short suit that is tight enough and fit. 

If you are making a tuxedo with shorts, it should allow you to walk comfortably without flapping like an oversized cloth. You can also wear lighter shades of a short suit if you are on the large side. It helps to balance things out. 

Men With Slim Builds and Skinny Legs

As a rule, gentlemen with slim bodies should wear suit shorts with a slim fit. Leave broader shorts suit mens for the guys with large bodies. Baggy suit shorts make you look funny and do not complement your body size and legs. 

For the best appearance, opt for one of the slim-fitting suit shorts that will fit men with skinny legs. Furthermore, you should also have smooth tailoring and avoid any flaring. The suit shorts' edges should have a fine finish and excess fabrics cut off. 

Men With Average Builds

Men with average builds should wear moderate-legged shorts that complement the body. If your midsection is large, avoid slim short suits that will bring out your belly. 

Slim-fitted suit shorts will be inappropriate here as they tend to accentuate your stomach. Shorts that are a bit wider, for example, straight-legged shorts, will give you a better contour and remove the focus of the waistline well. 

As a guy with an average build, never wear suit shorts that go way below the knees. Long shorts put focus on the legs, making it look small while accentuating the stomach.