Secrets of Power Dressing

Secrets of Power Dressing

When it is important that other people listen to what you have to say and you want them to take you seriously and give you respect, you need to establish some kind of authority from the very first meeting. Without question, the way you dress is the most significant determiner of how other people will perceive you and how they will respond to you.

The first and most important thing you must do is to invest in some quality custom tailored suits that you will wear as you go about your daily business. It is not enough to have only one suit, you should really have several, although what really maters is how people perceive you at the first meeting.

Your suit should always be immaculately clean and perfectly pressed. It should be free from any defects such as missing buttons, loose threads or torn fabric. Your shirt should be clean and free of wrinkles. Pay special attention to the collar of your shirt, because this is the area that is most likely to deteriorate. For best results, you should buy shirts that are of exceptionally high quality, made from high-weight thread, because these shirts are more wrinkle-resistant and easier to keep clean.

The suit itself is best made from a light, soft material such as linen, unless you live in a quite cold environment where linen would not be appropriate. Wool and microfiber are also good choices, although they tend to be a little heavier and less flexible. When it comes to color, you should always opt for gray or navy blue. Light colors are good for helping you stay cool, but they are not compatible with power dressing, and black is out of the question since it is too conformist, stamping you as a follower and not a leader.

The shirt must always be a lighter color than the suit. Thin ties are to be avoided; you should pick a wide tie with a bold color. Patterns and polka dots are not normally good choices, though stripes may work. Regimental and college ties are never inappropriate as long as they are authentic and you are entitled by right to wear them.

Shoes must be shined to perfection and should be an appropriate color, usually black, and the shoes should match the belt. You should always wear socks and they should be also of dark color and without patterns. Choose a high quality analog wristwatch. Remember that the whole point is that you should stand out as an individual while giving the appearance that you're not actually trying to.

Trying to decide from the many suit options available can be a bit overwhelming, so it is usually a good idea to consult an expert tailor for advice. Studio Suits is one of the best services for tailored suits from San Fransisco to San Diego and all points in between, because they offer expert advice, high quality and reasonable prices. How you dress will make a big difference to the success you enjoy, and the tailor you choose will make a big difference to how you dress.