Rules To Follow When Wearing a Tie With a Suit

Rules To Follow When Wearing a Tie With a Suit

No suit is complete without a tie. The tie adds a key element to a man's overall appearance, complimenting the colors of the suit while enhancing his overall look. Unfortunately, far too many men grab the first tie they see in their wardrobe, putting little-to-no thought into how it look and whether or not it's suitable for their outfit. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, keep reading for some helpful tips on how to choose the right tie for your suit.

Go Dark

A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing a tie is to make sure it's darker than your shirt. Wearing a tie that's the same color as your shirt will result in the two pieces blending together, at which point no one will be able to notice your tie. Opting for a darker color, on the other hand, will allow your tie to contrast against the color of your suit, making it more vibrant and visible.

Simple For Conservative

When choosing a tie, consider whether you are trying to achieve a conservative or more open appearance. If you are trying to create a conservative appearance, you'll want to stick with simple, subdued patterns. This rule has been around for decades and remains in place even after all of those years. Basic patterns offer a more simple look that's appropriate for conservative fashions, wheres bold patterns offer the opposite look.

Know Your Knots

Yes, clip-on ties are easier to take on and off, but they lack the formality of a good 'ol fashioned knotted tie. Contrary to what some people may believe, there are actually several different types of knots, each of which is created in a unique way. Some of the most popular tie knots include the Four-in-hand, the Half-Windsor, the Windsor, and the Shelby (also known as the Pratt). Generally speaking, the Four-in-hand, Half-Winsdor, or Windsor are the most popular, and therefore it's best to choose one of them if you're unfamiliar with tie knots.

What About Bow Ties?

An alternative to wearing a necktie with a suit is a bow tie. Bow ties are generally easier to take on and off, making them a popular choice for busy men who don't have the time to type a Windsor knot with a necktie. Surprisingly, bow ties are often regarded as being more formal than neckties, especially in cases where they are worn in conjunction with suits. This is one of the reasons why you see so many grooms wearing them on their wedding day.