Pros and Cons of Solar Wristwatches

Pros and Cons of Solar Wristwatches

Don’t you just hate it when the batteries in your watch die? Most of us don’t have the necessary tools or the right battery to replace it, so we’re forced to make a special trip to the local watch shop. Well, solar watches will never have this problem, as they get all their energy from the sun. To learn more about the mechanics of a solar watch and how they are able to use the sun’s energy to track time, keep reading.

What is a Solar Watch?

Most watches are powered by one of three different ways – batteries, manual winding or solar energy. A watch powered by solar energy typically possesses a layer of photovoltaic (PV) cells on the face to collect sunlight throughout the day. These small PV cells work in the same manner as the large ones used to power the electricity in a home. You might be wondering how sunlight is actually transferred into usable energy for a watch. Well, after it hits the watche’s PV cells, the electrons travel to a wire which collects them to power the battery. You may not realize this, but even solar watches have batteries. Unlike traditional watch batteries, though, these are rechargeable and shouldn’t need replacing.

Benefits of a Solar Watch

The greatest benefit of a solar watch is the sustainable power which doesn’t require a new battery every few years (which can get quite expensive). As stated earlier, solar watches do in fact have batteries, but they’re used to store the electricity produced by the sunlight. Another advantage to using a solar watch is the minimal maintenance they require. Wind-up watches can become quite tedious and difficult to maintain after a while. It may seem fun at first, but you’ll probably get tired of winding up your watch daily just so it can keep time properly. Solar watches require no winding or special maintenance to function. As long as you give it the necessary light it needs, it will keep track of time.

Disadvantages of a Solar Watch

Some people avoid wearing solar watches because of the prominent PV cells on their face. If you’re trying to dress formally, you may not want a watch with large PV cells on the face. Of course this is really a personal preference that’s entirely up to you. There’s no rule in the fashion handbook stating that PV solar cells are a no-no, so wear them freely if you want.