Prom Suits Vs Tuxedos: What to Wear

Prom Suits Vs Tuxedos: What to Wear

The prom season is here, and the moment has arrived to decide on the perfect attire to make a lasting impression on that special day. Whether this is your first prom, or you're seeking an ensemble that will undoubtedly turn heads, the question of what to wear looms large. In addition to selecting the ideal shoes and accessories, your choice of outfit holds significant importance. Thus, the age-old debate of suit vs tux for prom, emerges, as you seek the attire that best aligns with the image you wish to project.

If you are looking for recommendations, read this guide to the end. Prom suits are stylish and comfortable outfits that guys who want to express their personality can wear. Tuxedos are classic and sophisticated outfits that will always draw attention to the wearer. If you want to know the difference between tux and suit and which to wear for prom, this article answers all your questions. To find out, read on. 

What is a Prom

A prom is a formal dance or event typically held for high school students, usually at the end of the academic year. The prom dance, also known as the promenade dance, is often considered a significant milestone in a student's life and is characterized by dressing up in elegant or formal attire, such as dresses and suits. The dress code for this semi-formal event is usually a suit or tux, shirts and ties. 

At StudioSuits, we have a different collection of prom suit for men, from white prom suits to red prom suits and black and red prom suit. Create a memorable prom experience by dressing up in suitable attire. Prom is a significant part of school life, so you must find the outfit to create an unforgettable experience. 

How Does Your Prom Suit Fit

One of the things you must note while choosing what to wear is the difference between suit and tux and the best way to dress. First, prom suits should fit the wearer comfortably. If the suit is not well-fitted, it can make you less confident and uncomfortable and ruin your event. This is why it's crucial to wear a style that fits your body size and style. 

Color is another essential point of consideration when choosing prom suits. These outfits come in different colors, such as a green prom suit, black prom suit, purple prom suit, and white prom suit. However, nothing stops you from wearing other colors like navy blue, red, and pink prom suit

While choosing the color, there are a few things to consider, like the prom's theme, the season, and your preferred style. You can opt for a more subdued shade like a black prom suit or navy for fall or winter proms, while lighter shades like white, tan, and gray will suit spring or summer events. You can choose from a variety of single-breasted suits or a three-piece suit.

Differences Between Suits And Tuxedos

The most significant difference between suit and tux is the presence of the satin of the tuxedo. Going further on tux vs suit, you will notice the absence of belt loops in a tux, and another typical difference in a tuxedo is that the jacket is covered with satin. 

A suit has a more casual appearance because of the absence of satin tones. Whenever a comparison between tux and suit comes up, and we refer to suits as more "casual," a couple of thoughts run through people's minds. Saying that a suit is casual is not synonymous with saying it is a simple or boring outfit. 

Suits are sophisticated and elegant menswear that you can wear to formal events. However, suits are more flexible, especially in pairing them with accessories, unlike tuxedos. They might be made of the same fabric, but the buttons on the suits are not covered. Another difference between suit and tux is that suit pants may be worn without a belt, unlike a prom tux.

Difference Between Tux and Suits – Fabric

These two outfits are usually cut from the same fabric. However, between the material used in tuxedo vs suit for prom, a big difference between a suit and tux is the silk or satin used to cover the tuxedo. You will find silk or satin on every compartment of the tuxedo, from buttons, lapels, pockets, and down the side of the legs of the pants. Prom suits won't have this satin fabric anywhere on its body.

Difference Between Tux and Suits – Lapels

Another difference between a suit and tux that is visible is in the type of lapel used for each. Suit jackets come with a peak or notch lapel, while tuxedos feature a shawl lapel. Even if you want to wear one of the customized prom suits or tuxedos, you should maintain the lapel type.

Difference Between Tux and Suits – Buttons

The number of buttons on each outfit is a difference regarding the tux vs suit for prom comparison. Suits feature more buttons from one to three. Plus, they are uncovered. Tuxedos usually feature one button that is covered with satin. The buttons are a crucial difference between tux and suit you have to consider. 

Difference Between Tux and Suits – Pocket Style

Like other physical features, the pocket style makes the difference between suit and tux. Prom tuxedos are usually sleek in design, and to accentuate that, the pocket style used differs. For the tux, you will find besom pockets piped with satin or silk, while prom suits are made with traditional flapped pockets. 

Difference Between Tux and Suits – Accessories, Shirt, Tie, Shoes

Suit vs tux comparison for the longest time has been about accessories. Tuxedos followed a more rigid combination like a pleated shirt, bow tie, cufflinks or studs. Suits, on the other hand, go with a dress shirt and tie. For prom suits, your accessories are essential to your dress code. 

The tie should fit, plus the pocket square, dress shirt, and dress shoes should look classic. When choosing the accessories, they should match the tux or suit's color and bring out the elegance in your outfit. Your footwear for a classic tuxedo style should be patent leather shoes or velvet. Prom suits can go with dress shoes or leather loafers. 

Choosing The Right Prom Outfit

Preparing for a prom, do guys have to wear tux for prom? There are things to note while deciding your dress code. Prom suits or tuxedos bring out the elegance in you, and any of them can serve. 

Consider The Type of Event

In this case, the type of formal event you are going for is prom, so it requires a formal outfit. You have a choice to choose tux vs suit outfit for your occasion. Prom suits and tuxedos will give you that polished and sophisticated outlook. This is usually the outfit to wear. However, if you are still trying to figure out how to dress, ask friends or find the appropriate dress code from the organizers.

Choose Your Suit According to Personal Style And Preferences

The next thing to do after knowing what to wear for a prom is to pick the outfit itself. You have seen the difference between suit and tux so you can choose the one you prefer. If you have decided to go the prom suit way, then you can pick out one and select the accessories to go with it. If a tux is your best fit, use a tuxedo that fits you and properly accessorize with a shirt, shoes, and ties. Regarding suit or tux for prom, personal preference plays a significant role here. 

Combine Your Prom Suit Colors

While styling, it's essential to look at the colors of what you want to wear. If you're going to wear bold colors, layer it with a patterned suit jacket or double-breasted blazer. The layer of patterns adds style and makes your outfit more unique and fashionable. However, ensure that your clothes match each other, whether you are wearing a solid color or patterns. You can also decide to use brightly colored shoes to enhance how your attire looks. In all, ensure that your suit and accessories match appropriately. 

Which Should You Wear For a Prom? Suit or Tuxedo

Your prom is a time to unwind, have fun, and connect with friends but remember that your outfit is as important as the event. So, which attire best fits prom: A suit or a tux? The difference between tux and suit will help you to choose what you want according to your style. So, it is your decision when it comes to tux or suit for prom. Both stand out in their unique ways, and you will look good, whether in prom suits or tuxedos.