The Powerful Influence of a Good Suit Choice

The Powerful Influence of a Good Suit Choice

Choosing a suit is something you need to think carefully about. When you make good choices, your suit can open doors and clear obstacles for you. A good suit is a very powerful piece of clothing that in turn will help you be a powerful man. This state of affairs exists because suits influence people's perceptions of the wearer. To some extent, they also influence the way you think about yourself. So don't take the task of suit selection lightly.

First impressions count for a lot, and actually the first impression we get of somebody is usually the most accurate. It's very important to make sure that the first impression you create is a perfect one. A good suit will help you achieve that goal.

The really important considerations to get out of the way first are the style of suit you're going to choose and also the color. These choices will depend on a few factors. For a start, if the person you are going to be meeting with is somebody of considerably higher status than yourself, you really ought not to go for a double breasted suit unless the setting is very formal anyway. If you want the other person to feel comfortable and at ease, then a simple single breasted suit is the best choice.

Typically notched lapels will give a softer look, while peak lapels are good if you need to project an image of power and control. Shawl lapels should be avoided in a business setting as they'll make you seem foppish and showy, which is not a good effect to create in that environment.

When it comes to color, conservative colors are usually best. In warmer climates, light colors can be a better choice for day-to-day business wear, but for important occasions it can still be safer to go with traditional tones of navy or gray. You should avoid black, because it is too severe and also may evoke a funereal image, something that will only be of use to you if you happen to be an undertaker. Gray is always the safest color for a suit, followed by navy.

Navy is the best choice when you want to make a powerful impression, and if you're in the kind of environment where they work (like in banking, finance, or law) then adding pinstripes could really give a bit of extra clout. It's a matter of determining how you want the balance of power to work during the meeting.

If you need the other person to feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable, then you want your suit to not be overpowering, just conservative and extremely well-tailored. On that note, you need to be aware there is a world of difference between "cheap" and "inexpensive". Really what you spend for your suit is not a really big factor, but that tailor-made difference is very important in helping you avoid the cheap look. If you're not sure what the cheap look is, then it's a matter of huge shoulder pads, ridiculous creases, and bulging seams. In short, a suit bought off the rack will always be unflattering, no matter how much you pay for it.

When you need to give yourself a powerful, strong look, to convince the other person that you are a force to be reckoned with, then you'll have to pull out all the stops. Here it's a great idea to go with double breasted and strong color. Wear a wide tie, a gold watch, and do everything in a very precise and sure way.

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