Men's Suit Matching 101: Rules to Follow

Men's Suit Matching 101: Rules to Follow

A suit is an essential outfit that every man should own. Even if your job doesn't require you to wear one, you should still a suit ready for special occasions like weddings, funerals, and formal parties. Unfortunately, though, many guys fail to achieve a uniform, matching appearance when wearing a suit. In cases such as this, it's best to revert back to the basics, which is something that we're going to discuss in today's blog post.

Stick With Solid, Single Colors

While there are always exceptions to this rule, guys should normally stick with solid, single colors with their suit. This includes the shirt, jacket and trousers. Men's suits are available in a wide variety of designs, including various stripes and even prints. But solid colored suits offer the highest level of formality without looking over-the-top. If you have your mind set on wearing a striped suit, however, you should choose a pinstripe design, as it's subtle yet still stylish.

Match Your Shirt and Tie

A good rule of thumb when choosing a suit is to match your shirt with your tie. Because these two items are the most visible, it's important that they match. Wearing a brown tie with a white shirt, for instance, isn't going to work. Instead, consider wearing a black tie. White and black contrast with each other to create a brilliant, appealing appearance that will bring your suit together.

Match Your Tie With Your Shoes

Another important matching tip to follow when wearing a suit is to match your tie with your shoes. Many guys (including myself) are guilty of overlooking footwear, assuming it has little-to-no impact on our appearance. In reality, though, your choice of shoes will play a major role in the overall look of your suit. There are dozens of different ways to approach your choice of footwear, but you really can't go wrong matching it with your tie.

Match your Jacket and Trousers

I know this probably sounds like common sense, but you should always match your jacket with your trousers when wearing a suit. Mismatching these two items is a critical mistake that will hurt your look. Of course, you can avoid this problem by purchasing a complete suit with both the trousers and jacket. In any case, you want to make sure these two items match and do not clash in any way, shape or form.