Men's Necktie Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Neckties

Men's Necktie Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Neckties

If there's one suit accessory that you don't want to leave home without, it's the necktie. This otherwise small and seemingly insignificant accessory plays an important role in the overall appearance of a men's suit. Neckties add color and patterns, complimenting the wearer's suit -- at least that's what it should do. Unfortunately, many men are lost and confused when it comes to choosing a necktie. They assume all neckties are the same, choosing the cheapest one available while disregarding things like color coordination, size and material. If you don't consider these elements when choosing a necktie, though, you'll probably end up with the wrong one. And the wrong necktie will create an unflattering look that takes away from your suit. So if you're struggling to choose the right necktie, keep reading to learn more about this all-too-important suit accessory, along with tips on how to choose the right one.

Watch the Color!

Not surprisingly, the color of a necktie will directly influence its overall appeal when worn with a suit. You can literally find neckties available in every color under the rainbow, including black, white, brown, beige, purpose, yellow, maroon, pink, blue and more. Of course, there are also multi-colored neckties featuring two or more different colors. When choosing a necktie, consider the other garments and accessories that you'll be wearing with it. Something you should avoid is wearing the same color necktie as your shirt. If you are wearing a light blue button-up dress shirt, for instance, you should avoid wearing a light blue necktie. Going back to the basics of fashion 101, this is a serious mistake as the two items blend together without any sort of distinction from one another. A better choice is to wear a necktie in a color that contrasts to the color of your dress shirt. Instead of wearing a light blue necktie with a light blue shirt, for instance, perhaps you can wear a dark blue necktie. The dark blue will contrast with the color of your shirt to make your outfit "pop" with greater visual appeal. cravats-987782_960_720

Patterns and Designs

If you want to create a slightly different look, you can always opt for a necktie with a pattern or some other design. Single-colored neckties are a great choice, but they aren't the most intricate. As such, many men prefer to wear neckties with various patterns and/or designs. Plaid is an excellent pattern that works particularly well with similar plaid suits. Pinstripe is another great choice, although it's better suited for plaid suits. You can even find neckties available in polka-dot designs -- a design that's become increasingly popular among fashion-forward men in the last few years. Just remember to choose a pattern or design that flows cohesively with the rest of your suit outfit.


In addition to the color, length is another key selling point when choosing a necktie. Different men have different heights. Some men are tall, while others are shorter. As such, neckties are available in a variety of different lengths to accommodate all men. Keep in mind that when shopping for a necktie, its actually going to fit shorter. This is because you'll need to tie the necktie, while makes it shorter. Once the necktie is around your neck, however, it should stop around your belt. If your necktie stops above your pants, it's too short. Or if your necktie stops below your belt, it's too long. You must find a necktie that stops right around or at your belt, as this is the ideal length for a men's necktie.


Neckties are available in many different fabrics as well. Cotton neckties are inexpensive and easy to maintain, making them a popular choice. However, cotton neckties lack the unique style and look of their silk counterpart. There's simply no other fabric that compares to a 100% silk necktie, as it offers an unmatched level of style and aesthetics. The only downside is that silk neckties tend to cost a bit more than others. So if you're on a budget and don't have a lot of money to spend, you may want to choose a different type.

What About the Width?

You should pay close attention to the width when choosing a necktie. While length is obviously important, so is width. In fact, some professional men's stylists may argue that the width of a necktie is even more important than its length. So, how wide should your necktie be? Well, it depends on your body shape and size. 2.5 inches is the average width of a skinny type, making it the preferred choice for men with slimmer figures. But if you have a typical body shape and size, you'll probably want a necktie that's just a little wider, such as 3 inches. This seems to be a happy medium that works well for most men. On the other hand, though, larger men should wear a wider necktie, such as the 3.25 to 3.5-inch styles. Follow this guide when choosing a necktie to help you find the right width.


Different neckties are made with different quality materials and craftsmanship. Some of the cheaper neckties are made with poor quality fabric. And conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that these neckties won't last as long as their higher quality counterpart. This is why it's a good idea to follow the quality over quantity over mantra, meaning a single high-quality necktie is a better choice than buying two or three low-quality, sub-par neckties. If you're looking for a high-quality necktie, head over to our store to find the perfect necktie. Here are some more tips on how to choose the right necktie:
  • Consider the suit and colors that you'll be wearing, choosing a necktie that compliments your outfit.
  • You can match your shoes to your necktie.
  • Remember, silk neckties offer a higher level of visual appeal, but at the same time they also cost more than neckties made of other fabrics like cotton.
  • Check the length when choosing a necktie. Ideally, it should stop right at your belt, not above nor below.