Men's Grooming Tips for Healthier, Better Looking Skin

Men's Grooming Tips for Healthier, Better Looking Skin

#1) Avoid Alcohol-Based Aftershave

Many guys use alcohol-based aftershave or cologne to achieve a "fresh" feeling after they shave. The problem with these products, however, is that they have a tendency to dry out the skin. Alcohol will quickly draw up the moisture from within your skin, leaving it dry and susceptible to flaking. If you're going to use an aftershave lotion or cologne, check to make sure it doesn't contain alcohol.

#2) Invest in a Good Shaving Razor

A good razor will make a world of difference in your skin health. Given the high cost of razors, however, many guys opt for the cheap, disposable razors -- or they will use the same razor for weeks on end. In situations such as this, dull/cheap razors won't provide a smooth, clean cut; thus, resulting in irritation of the skin and hair follicles. You may notice a red bump here and there, or you could experience full-blown razor burn. Problems such as these are easily prevented, however, by investing in a high-quality shaving razor. Just remember to replace it every so often with a new blade.

#3) Watch What You Eat

Remember when your parents used to say "you are what you eat?" Well, they were right. Your choice of food will directly affect your skin health. Consuming a diet that's high in sugar, salt and processed foods may lead to redness, inflammation and facial blemishes. On the other hand, building your diet around lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables will promote clean, healthy skin.

#4) Exfoliate

Another essential step towards improving your skin health is exfoliation. Many guys are guilty of rarely (if ever) exfoliating. As a result, their pores become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and other no-so-fun stuff, all of which contribute to breakouts. A deep exfoliating cream or lotion will work to remove this stuff from your pores, leaving you with clean, healthy skin. With that said, exfoliating should only be done on occasion, as exfoliating everyday will further irritate your skin.

#5) Use Sunscreen

Just because it's the winter doesn't necessarily mean that your skin is protected from sun damage. On the contrary, this time of year can actually be worse in terms of sun damage to your skin. So if you're planning to stay outside for longer than half an hour at a time, apply a high-SPF sunscreen lotion to your exposed skin. This will create a barrier of protection between your skin and the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting it from damage.