Men's Fashion Tips When Dressing for a Fall Wedding

Men's Fashion Tips When Dressing for a Fall Wedding

Have you been invited to attend a wedding this fall season? If so, you'll need to use this opportunity to choose the right suit outfit. A wedding is a formal event, and like all formal events, they require the proper attire. You can't wear t-shirts and jeans. Instead, you'll need to choose a formal outfit, such as a suit, to wear. So, how exactly should you dress when attending a wedding during the fall season?

Check the Invitation

Before shopping for a suit outfit, check your wedding invitation to see if it mentions a dress code. When getting married, many couples will ask their guests to follow a specific style with their outfits. They'll include the dress code in their invitations, thereby providing you with guidance on what to wear.

Even if your wedding invitation doesn't mention a dress code, though, you should assume that formal attire is required. As previously mentioned, weddings are formal, so they require the use of formal attire.

Are You a Groomsman?

There's a big difference between attending a wedding a guest and attending a wedding as a groomsman. If you are simply a guest, you'll have greater freedom when choosing your suit outfit. If you a groomsman, on the other hand, you'll probably have to wear the same suit outfit as the other groomsmen.

Groomsmen typically wear the same suits to achieve a uniform appearance and style when standing next to the groom at the altar. Here at StudioSuits, we offer a large selection of premium-quality groomsmen suits. If the other groomsmen are lost and don't know what to suit to wear, they can all order the same high-quality suit from StudioSuits. There's no easier way to find groomsmen suits.

Choose a Suit That's Made of an Appropriate Fabric

If you're attending the wedding as a guest, you should choose a suit that's made of an appropriate fabric for the fall season. The fall season is a unique time of year because of its moderate weather. It's not as warm as the summer season, nor is it as cold as the winter season. With its moderate weather, you'll need to choose a suit that's made of an appropriate fabric.

What type of suit fabric should you choose for a fall wedding? There are a few different fabrics that are ideal for this time of year, one of which is cotton. Cotton suits, including those sold here at StudioSuits, offer just the right amount of protection from the cold weather without being too warm.

You can also choose a linen suit for a fall wedding. Linen is lighter than cotton, making it ideal for fall weddings in warmer climates like the Southern states.

Match Jacket With Trousers

Don't forget to match your suit jacket with your trousers. Unless otherwise stated in your wedding invitation -- which is unlikely -- these two garments should match. In other words, don't wear a suit jacket in a different color or fabric than your trousers. If you're wearing a black suit jacket that's made of linen, you should wear a pair of black trousers that are also made of linen.

Maintaining uniformity between your suit jacket and trousers will help you create a more stylish suit outfit that's appropriate for a fall wedding. When you mix different jacket and trouser styles, you may inadvertently create an eclectic appearance that's not particularly attractive.

Vest or No Vest

Something else to consider when choosing a suit for a fall wedding is whether or not to wear a vest. Also known as a waistcoat, a vest is an accessory garment that's worn over your dress shirt and underneath your suit jacket.

Assuming you're attending the wedding as a guest and not a groomsman, you can choose to either wear a vest or leave it off. Keep in mind, though, that a vest will help you create a more formal suit outfit. The term "three-piece suit" specifically refers to a suit outfit consisting of a jacket, trousers and a vest. In comparison, a "two-piece suit" only includes a jacket and trousers. Three-piece suits are considered more formal because they have a vest. The addition of a vest enhances the jacket and trousers, allowing for a more formal appearance.

Formal Footwear

You'll need to wear formal shoes when dressing for a fall wedding. You can't wear tennis shoes or other forms of casual footwear. Instead, you'll need to choose formal footwear that flows cohesively with the formality of your suit outfit. The right footwear will complete your suit outfit while helping you achieve a more formal appearance that's appropriate for a fall wedding. At the same time, it will help you stay comfortable by protecting against foot pain and discomfort.

Here are a few different types of formal footwear to consider for a fall wedding:

  • Oxfords
  • Loafers
  • Chukka boots
  • Derbies
  • Borgues

Generally speaking, you shouldn't wear sandals or open types of open-toe shoes to a wedding. An exception, however, is a beach wedding. If you're attending a beach wedding, you may be able to wear open-toe shoes. Beach weddings are held on the beach, so they tend to have a more casual dress code that allows for the use of open-toe shoes.

Beware of White

Going back to the basics of wedding fashion 101, white is typically reserved for the bride, and in some cases, the groom. Guests, on the other hand, should wear a different color.

You can wear a suit in just about any color when attending a fall wedding; just remember to avoid wearing a white suit. Navy and black are common colors for wedding suits. They both offer a formal style that matches most other colors. You don't have to limit yourself to only wearing a black or navy suit, though. Feel free to explore other suit colors while steering clear of white.