Men's Casual Attire for The Summer

Men's Casual Attire for The Summer

As a gentleman, you should have what to wear in all seasons, if you don't want to have a complicated dress sense. Your wardrobe must have the right clothes you can toss on when you want to step out. These are casual summer mens outfit ideas that you can pair in this hot season. While you want to express yourself, you all want to have ease and comfort. Whatever your summer plans are from going on a casual Friday to chilling at the beach and everything in between, check out these summer casual mens styles here. 

Linen Shirt and Men's Short

The men's linen shirt will always be a staple during the summer season. If you are planning on putting on a casual shirt doesn't mean you can not look stylish. Everyone loves to wear linen fabric because it's breathable and lightweight making it easy for air to pass through to keep the wearer cooler. Pairing a trendy European light blue linen Ji, with white shorts will give you an elegant look. You can opt for leather shoes or a slip-on would be comfortable for the feet. 

Low Sleever Casual

While you want to walk around town, staying comfortable in your attire is paramount. Casual summer mens attires that work for this season will be a breathable shirt and a pair of chinos pants to create a blended balance between style and comfort. For a more outdoorsy look especially when the weather is about to change, you can throw on a lightweight Jacket. The footwear should be sneakers or sandals sturdy enough to walk on. 

Easy Breezy Athletic Shorts

If you are looking for something to tone down the flashy ensemble, the neutral athletic short Is always a summer-friendly option. This is a more classic style that you can add to your fashion in these contemporary times. The good thing is that is a perfect fit for those headed to a casual gathering. However, there is also a possibility of expanding your reach by trying athletic shorts for a social event. Pair a T-shirt with sweaty athletic shorts and shoes. Ensure that the shorts are just perfect fit, not too slim or baggy

Elevated Summer Short sleeved button ups

The type of summer shirts that are worn for casual outfits in the summer is such a big deal. For any summer shirt you want to wear, look for a light shirt. Invest in summer-friendly button-ups and shorts. These shirts are elegant and have a way of elevating your looks.

Preppy Casual

A combination of polos and chinos is one of the summer outfit ideas for men who are looking to go for a casual event. A neutral shade of chinos pants and a light-hued men's golf polo are great if you are conscious of the heat. When you are thinking of hanging out with the boys on Saturday, you don't want to dress out of place. Wear a lightweight and quick-dry fabric that will keep you feeling cool. 

Ultimate Cool Beach Style

This is for a day at the beach with friends at the waterside. Whether you are sitting on the sand chilling and watching the scenery of the water waves or playing football, you need the right gear. Instead of the longer swimsuits, opt for the shorter options that are at most six inches. 

Grey T-shirts and Dark Olive Shorts

One of the casual styles to wear is a gray T-shirt, dark olive shorts and light brogues. You can wear a light-colored chambly if that is your style but it's not a necessary option. Alternatively, add another layer of casual flair by opening the button-up shirt which is also another way of looking elegant. Now you are clothed in muted attire so it can be a good option to add a pop of color. Use a white and red stripe belt to look more interesting. 

Smart Business Casual

Appearing in smart casual summer men’s attire during the summer doesn't mean you have to wear T-shirts polos and shorts. For folks who are stepping out for business casual, you can wear light-wash jeans and on the top, a cotton button-down shirt. To elevate your summer business casual looks men style, go further by also pairing your out with a summer wear blazer. Check your body size and wear what fits it. Add a belt to finish up your look.

Classic Patterned Camp Collar Shirt 

It's easy to pull off a casual look with off-white shorts with any shirt color of your choice. For a casual summer look, try pairing a red patterned camp collar shirt and a pair of off-white shorts. Trousers can go with this outfit but know that you should wear a linen pant fabric if you have one in your wardrobe. The collared shirt comes with different widths but the easy wide strip is a better option. For your first, Espadrilles will work perfectly here too.  

Navy polo and dark olive Short

Try pairing a navy polo and dark olive shorts one of these days in the summer. Forget about the more dark hues this combination brings to the table because something could still be done to make it look more interesting. Add lighter shades of belt and shoes to bring a lighter shade to the ensemble. That's enough to help you look the part without going overboard. You can choose to wear a fabric like cotton in place of linen since they are also breathable. 

Pro Tips for Casual Summer Outfit

It is advised to embrace a style that is comfortable for you. Here are tips that will help you dress better and be at ease while at it. 

  • The first thing is to know where you are headed, then choose your style and wear outfits that make you comfortable
  • The type of fabric you wear will help you stay cool. Choose moisture-wicking materials like linen or cotton
  • Lighter colors are preferably in the heat of the summer. They are vibrant and repel heat
  • Consider your body type and wear what makes you look good, stylish, and confident as a man