Made To Measure Vs Off The Rack Suit

Made To Measure Vs Off The Rack Suit

Made to measure suit or off the rack, which are you adding to your wardrobe? First is that you need a proper fitting suit that you can wear anytime. Going with a quick option is to quickly dash into a men's clothing store and pick from the collection one of the off the rack suits. Alternatively, if you have time to spare, you can go to the tailor and get a made to measure suit. 

If you call your suit an investment, you will ensure that it is well made with every detail because nobody wants to have a baggy suit. Knowing the difference between made to measure and off the rack suits will influence your decision on the best option that suits you. While you want to consider that, we are here to help you through this guide. If you want to make better-informed decisions about the type of suit to buy, read on.

What Does Off The Rack Suit Mean

Rack Suit Mean

In simple terms, these are ready-made suits sold in clothing stores anywhere. The cloth is made with no particular requirements or individual in mind, but they come in standard sizes that could fit most people. The only problem is that people have different body types and sizes, and nobody wants a suit too big for them. 

The good thing is that you don't have to wear a baggy suit because you can adjust the sleeve length or the hem to your preference. However, this depends on the suit type, and if you got a suit too big for you, you can make it fit better, but it will not be as perfect as a made to measure suit. 

What Does Made to Measure Suit Mean

It refers to a suit with an already available design and is customized according to an individual's measurement to get a proper fitting suit. Here, the tailor already has a design template the customer can choose from the chart. Then the suit is made according to their size. 

Made to measure suit is the easiest way to buy a proper suit fit when you order one online. For example, you can request an Italian suit with a shawl lapel collar from the company's design templates and choose the size you want. The tailor's work is to make that design according to your size and deliver it to you.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Made To Measure Vs Off The Rack Suit

It's easy to get an off the rack suit. It's already pre-made and kept in the store. However, it can also be adjusted slightly to give a proper suit fitting if it's too big for the wearer. Made to measure suit, on the other hand, is made from scratch with the tailor taking your body measurements and customizing the suit to fit your preferences. Here are critical factors that will help you decide between these two suits. 

Proper suit fit

Made to Measure Suit Pricing

A Made to measure suit requires much detailing to make it into a proper fitting suit. The tailor would use their time and expertise to make the suit, making your made to measure suit more expensive. Even though the price is higher, it is worth it because you have a tailor take your exact body measurement from head to toe and consider your unique specifications. You get to talk with your tailor about the styling, materials, how should a suit fit, etc., so you will get the proper suit fit at the end of the day. 

Off The Rack Suit Pricing

Unlike the made to measure suit that allows for customization, off the rack suit requires less, which explains why it is less expensive. However, because most cloth-making stores know that people need a proper suit fit, they add room for adjustment so you don't end up with a baggy suit. Also, off the rack suits are made with quality materials that will attract buyers and are quite budget-friendly, and with little room for extra adjustment, you can work with them. 

Made to Measure is Hand Made

Hand made suit

The process of making these suits makes a whole lot of difference. When you place an order for a made to measure suit, you are asking for a custom-made suit. You will pay for the fabric, plus you will also pay the tailor to sit down and make the clothes themselves. So, you will get a proper suit fit made sewn with a sewing machine and needle.

Off The Rack Suit is Machine Made

The production process for an off the rack suit differs from a made to measure suit. Off the rack suits are usually produced in quantities by large industrial sewing machines. If you love a suit that is made this way and are okay with making little adjustments here and there before you get a proper fit suit, you can go with this choice. 

Little Customizability With Off The Rack

Off the rack suits have different templates and measurements, meaning various options exist. So, they are not produced with your sizes and preferences as a customer but by the company's templates. Hence there are little changes you can make to them.

High Customizability With Made Measurement 

Made Measurement Suit

With customization, you won't have a suit too big for you. That is one of the benefits of sewing a made to measure suit. You will work directly with the tailor, letting them know your specifications, style, and preferences. It allows you to choose what you want in the exterior and interior of the suit, including the buttons, linings, and fitting, so you don't end up with a baggy suit. 

Can You Get a Proper Suit Fit

Yes. To have a proper suit fit, there is only one guarantee, which is to get an already-made design template and customize it to fit your size. Since how to measure suit is not a problem you will get a proper fit suit, from the jacket to the pants. Just ensure they are tailored to your size. 

Your jacket size should be made to your measurements without looking like you are wearing a tight or baggy suit. For example, the buttons should be able to be buttoned up easily. A made to measure suit will give you the proper suit fit that will conform to your body. You can choose from various options with different customizations until you settle for a unique one you love. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take Me to Get a Made to Measure Suit?

Getting your made to measure suit that you ordered might require you to wait for a while but not for long. Remember that the tailor has to sew the cloth, which is different from what you have with an off the rack suit. Although the time to collect your made to measure suit varies depending on the company, it shouldn't take more than a few weeks to get yours.

Can I Tailor Off The Rack Suits?

If you want to tailor off the rack suit to get a proper suit fit and you don’t know how to measure suit, you can do that to an extent. If your baggy suit is amendable, your tailor can adjust the sleeves or the length of the trouser. There is usually a tiny piece to extend the sleeves or trouser length. Other parts, like the suit jacket size, length, shoulders, and belly region, are often difficult to reshape. You must know this before buying an off the rack suit because they are sometimes problematic for tailors to adjust.

Is Off The Rack Suit Worth Buying?

If you want something to pick up fast and wear the next day, off the rack suit is for you. You will find them in different styles and sizes which you can easily buy if you need a suit urgently. If you end up with a baggy suit, you can perform minor alterations to get a proper fitting suit. If you are a person who does not wear formal outfits like suits often or you have a strict budget, off the rack suits are worth buying.

How Do I Properly Fold My Suit Jacket?

We always recommend you hang your suit jacket on a hanger, but you can also fold it. All you have to do is to fold it the proper way. Here is how you fold your suit jacket properly to avoid wrinkling: Begin by unbuttoning all the jacket buttons. Hold the jacket by one shoulder and gently turn it inside out, creating a pocket within. Slide the opposite shoulder into this pocket, ensuring a secure fit. Align the shoulders, and then fold the jacket horizontally along its natural crease. Finally, store the folded jacket in a flat, safe location, preferably within a garment bag or protective covering to safeguard it from dust and potential damage. This method will help preserve your suit jacket's appearance and keep it ready for your next wear.

Which One Should I Wear For My Special Occasion, Made to Measure or Off The Rack Suit?

Special Occasion suit

If you have a special occasion, we recommend wearing a made to measure suit. You don't want to wear a suit too big for your size for a special occasion. A made to measure suit ensures a proper suit fit and gives you a polished and refined outlook.

Does Off The Rack Suits Lack Quality?

So, we know you have heard of how to measure a suit that is off the rack suits, and how they are produced, but that does not necessarily mean that they are made of bad-quality fabrics. There are off the rack suits that are made of quality materials too, but the made to measure suits you will get usually come in higher materials because you get to choose the fabrics and have an expert craftsman work on them.