Looking smart with Linen

Looking smart with Linen

Who doesn't want to look perfect even during the tiring summer? Linen suits are what you need. StudioSuits offers perspiration-free linen suits that look classy and cool. Even on humid days fabrics like cotton, gives you a casual look with comfort. Typically linen is twice as strong as cotton and it has irregular weaving pattern that gives an extra strength with Crisp and rough look, while letting your skin breathe.

StudioSuits has a versatile list of linen suits. Off-white, gingham linen suit, navy colored, tartan linen suit, tropical linen, pure Irish linen suits, and many more. Each suit is tailored with fine blended fabrics.

Various styles of linen suits to style yourself

The stripped suit is just the right fit for office and meetings for business men and office-goers. The blend of linen and wool suits makes the suits durable and also comfortable.

Plain colors are a fit for every occasion. Be it a date, a night party or just a visit to the paintings fest in the street, plain styled linen suits are meant for every mood and situation.

The full three tier linen suit is the summer essential in your wardrobe. The traditional collar shirt and the well-tailored suit go hand in hand for every occasion.

How to wear? 

  • Never go with a linen suit and a linen shirt; it’s not exactly a faux pas but try maintaining a contrast. Pick a cotton shirt or a chambray shirt in light hues if the jacket is in white, moss green or tobacco brown.
  • Pick your pants with grey or darker blue shades. It is in vogue this season. Popular colors also include navy blue, khaki and  browns.
  • Linen blazers work great with jeans or contrast pants.
  • Best option for destination weddings and summer vacations gives you the laid back cool guy look. Pick up colors with egg shell white, cream, or light brown and pair it with light hue shirts of pink blue yellow or shades of peach.
  • Suits best with a pair of loafers.
  • Yes it does not need to be tailor fitting to give it a more casual look.

Types of Linen 

Usually linen is of two types the Irish linen and the Italian linen known by the brand names from its origin of places. The typical Irish linen suits are known for its 100% usage of flax fiber higher in weight and comes in darker hues. The linen suits are also made with the blend of silk and linen.

How to care for your linen suits

  • Different linen suits have different maintenance procedures. Some require dry cleaning some can be maintained with machine wash at warm or cold temperatures.
  • Linen is known for its wrinkle nature. The more you wash them the more it loses its quality. Make sure to iron it when a little damp.
  • A tip- while sitting down make sure you pull your pants a bit up to avoid unnecessary wrinkling which the linen is known for.
StudioSuits has revamped the design and style of linen suits. The new customized linen suits and linen clothing’s are designed keeping in mind the fashion of the modern man. Want to sport a cool look this summer, then opt for linen suits by StudioSuits. Visit us at: https://www.studiosuits.com