Lapel Rolls

The term lapel rolling indicates a lapel finish that’s softer. It defines the way the lapel falls down to the designated button. A good lapel rolling makes a suit look fine and classy. StudioSuits provides custom made suits with the finest lapel rolls.

 A lapel roll includes two parts: the belly and the roll line.  The lower part of the lapel roll curve is called belly and a lot of belly portion is required in order to give the lapel required amount of upward angle. The length between the beginning of lapel and the end of the lapel is called roll line. The hollow of the lapel can be customized as per the wearer’s choice. StudioSuits helps its customers in getting customized detailing when it comes to lapel roll of custom made suits.   The lapel roll needs to be taken care of as the shape needs to be maintained. If you get a tailored suit with fine lapel roll with the right curves just the way you wanted, it will be a pain if your dry cleaner does some heavy duty pressing on it, making the lapels flat. Regular dry cleaners clean and press the suits, making the lapels go out of shape. They should be hand cleaned with sponge and pressed to maintain the shape of the lapel. Tailored suits need ultra care when it comes to maintenance so that they do not go out of design or shape or even measurement( Note: IF not dry cleaned with right cleaning agent, suits may shrink). The 3 roll 2 is one of the most popular trends when it comes to lapel rolls. In this style, the lapel is fuller around the buttoning point and only the middle button is buttoned. StudioSuits provides you with a wide range of custom made suits and shirting services. You can get tailored suits of the design and measurement you want, ensuring perfect fit.

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