LA Style: What a Custom Suit Can Do for You

LA Style: What a Custom Suit Can Do for You

Los Angeles is one of those cities where the weather nearly always seems to be perfect, and in general people are fairly laid back and care-free. Certainly there is usually much less of a requirement for formality compared with a lot of places on the east coast.

Still, there are times when appearing too casual will potentially create a bad impression, and in any case it never hurts to look your best. When the occasion demands it, or when you simply want to make a personality statement, a custom tailored suit can do wonders for your image.

Suits are traditionally associated with power and vitality. When you wear a suit, people know you mean business. But in LA we need to also bear in mind the complication introduced by our beautiful climate, because you don't want to be wearing just any suit in this environment. If the materials used are too heavy and don't breathe well, you'll feel uncomfortable and possibly will make others start to feel uncomfortable as well.

This is one of the advantages of custom tailoring compared to buying off the rack. You get to have a lot of say not only in how your suit will look, but also in how it will be created. Custom suits designed for the Los Angeles lifestyle will have most of these features:

  • Made from light weight material
  • Designed not to trap heat
  • Should look good even when the jacket is not buttoned
  • Made to fit and look comfortable
  • Typically lighter colors will be better for wear in Los Angeles

Some of the features that would be required for suits in other environments have less importance when the suit is intended for wearing primarily in LA, and this can potentially save you money. The style that is likely to give you the best result in terms of looks and performance is a tropical linen suit style worn with the jacket unbuttoned and with a slightly looser fit around the shoulders.

Above all, what should be kept in mind is the look you should be aiming for is cool and comfortable, not overly formal or inflexible. When you can achieve the perfect balance of sophistication and comfort, you will notice that you tend to get more respect and recognition. It's just a natural thing because of the unconscious associations people make... when you look important and powerful, people tend to assume that you are.

Suits are fine for every day wear in many different situations, and also for any circumstances where more formality is expected, such as:

  • Job interviews
  • Meetings with clients
  • Weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.
  • Court appearances
  • Charity events
  • Important business gatherings
  • Events and award ceremonies
When you are ready to step out in style, consult the experts in custom tailored suits for the Los Angeles environment at Studio Suits. They can answer all your questions and advise you on all kinds of things about how to get the best results.