How to tie Bow Tie

How to tie Bow Tie

Are you looking for an easy step-by-step guide on how to tie a bow tie? Here it is. Don't wait until you run late for an event or the day of your dinner to learn when you can do it now. While you can use the regular pre-tied bow tie, tying a bow tie from scratch allows you to bring in versatility and personal style. Learning knot tying yourself helps you try different shapes to get beautiful shapes and fittings. 

It's a great idea that you want to learn how to tie a perfect bow because if you do, you would love to keep making yours to suit your taste and personal style. The simple steps in this guide will teach you that. So, let's get to how to make a bow tie

When to Wear a Bow Tie

Fashion in our world today is about versatility, and you can style up to events in your preferred style. However, it's essential to remember what to wear and when to wear a particular outfit or accessory. So, while you want to wear one of these on your neck, you must learn to make perfect tie knots. Here are occasions where bow ties work. 

Black Tie Events

One of the occasions where a bow tie works perfectly well is a black tie dress code where a high level of formality is needed. You can wear your tuxedo, black shoes, and a bow tie, usually in a black-and-white combination. If you are learning to tie bow tie for a formal event like a black tie, it's best to practice beforehand. For the classy gentleman, opting for a self-tie is always a better pick because you can always decide to undo your bow tie, hang it around your neck, and open your shirt collar later.


Weddings represent a perfect place to come out donned in a bow tie. These days, most grooms wear bow ties on tuxedo suits, including guests. So, if you are in, you must learn how to tie a bow for your next wedding. You can wear any color of bow tie, but the color should be tailored to the theme of the wedding. For the smart gent who is looking to look dashing, you can also add to your style by matching a bow tie the same color as your socks or any other accessories you have on. 

Cruise Ship Balls and Dances

Wherever you are off for cruise ship balls, consider tying a bow tie. Usually, during the cruise, we expect to have formal dinners and dances. As long as it has to do with a formal event where the men wear a pair of tuxedos or suits, bow ties are applicable. You can opt for funky and trendy bow ties that match your accessories.


Bow ties are good options if you want to wear the character of your favorite TV show actor. You will require some bow ties tutorial to help you master how to tie one. To attain screen accuracy as a cosplayer, you need to get the right costumes, and if your character requires a bow tie, you will need to know how to tie a perfect bow tie before the event. 

Different Types of Bow Tie Shapes

The Classic Bow Tie: When it comes to shapes of bow ties, this is one of the most popular. Often referred to as the most classic bow tie, you can see it in the quintessential appearance. 

Butterfly Bow Tie: This shape brings elegance and timeless appeal to the outfit. It has a width between 2 -2.5, which makes it moderately sized. 

Jumbo Butterfly: It is also known as the big butterfly bow tie suitable for tall men or gentlemen with wider faces. 

Batwing: Here comes the most vintage of them all, the batwing bow tie. It has straight ends and a narrower shape, excellent for gents with slim faces.

Diamond: Classic yet with a touch of contemporary elegance. With the diamond-shaped ends, you can use it to create a flexible casual style. 

Step by Step Tips on How to Tie a Bow Tie

Some things you need to tie a bowtie include a mirror and your bow tie. Tying a bow tie is not a difficult task. Once you can master all the steps written here, you will have yourself the perfect bow tie. These simple bow tie instructions will help you.  

  • First is to wear your dress shirt or tux shirt. Once you have done that, position yourself in front of the mirror. Cross the bow tie around your neck and ensure that the right end is 
  • Place the bow tie around your neck and make sure the right end is about two inches longer than the right end is longer than the left with about 1.5 to 2 inches
  • Hold both the ends of the tie with your hands and cross the right over the left to form an "X" shape
  • Pass the longer end under the loop of the bow tie. Ensure that it's not too tight around the neck and it fits comfortably
  • Next is to form a base loop for your bow tie. To do this, you have to double the shorter end and then ensure that you position the now at the center of your neck
  • Loop the longer piece in front of the shorter end through the middle of the loop with your other hand
  • Make a hole at the back of the bow by bringing the longer and shorter ends together in front. Use your hand to pin both ends close and then pull them, hence making a hole
  • Double the longer end by making a bow out of it like the shorter end
  • Push the longer piece through the loop behind the shorter end
  • Pull both ends to tighten the bow tie

Find Your Bow Tie Style

Now that you have learned how to tie a bowtie, what stops you from trying yours? How to put on a tie is another way to show that you are pro in it. One of the ways to wear yours is to experiment with it and find the perfect style for you. You can use smaller or larger lengths to create different widths of tie knots. For example, you can choose between narrower or broader, big or smaller knots. It's up to you to find your style.