How to Tie a Windsor Knot

How to Tie a Windsor Knot

Like how you have various styles of suits to wear to different occasions, there are also different neckties you can choose from. One such is the Windsor knot, a perfect necktie that fits various formal settings. When attending any event, you must select the knot style you want. 

Between half Windsor vs full Windsor, which tie will you go with, and most importantly, do you know how to tie each of them? Luckily, we've compiled a guide on how to tie a Windsor knot in this article. You have the option to select either the more formal tie or a classic style that's less formal. If you find tying a tie challenging, remember that the key is to practice until you master it. In the following sections, we'll explain how to tie a Windsor knot using easy steps to ensure a better understanding.

What is a Full Windsor Knot

The full Windsor knot is also often referred to as the double Windsor knot. It is very much different from the half Windsor knot, its smaller counterpart. The Windsor knot is larger than the half Windsor knot plus, it is triangular-shaped. A comparison of the half Windsor vs full Windsor,clearly highlights the complete difference between the two.

The full Windsor knot has a generous space between the collar and the neck. It is pretty comfortable to wear and does not slip once tied. Please consider this point when considering full Windsor vs half Windsor or single windsor vs double windsor. The former is smaller than the latter. 

Here are some reasons why you should wear this necktie
  • It forms a symmetrical shape and fits firmly
  • It fits a variety of faces but best works with a round face with the way it commands attention from the wearer
  • The triangular shape is the perfect fit for a cutaway or spread collar
  • The Full Windsor is best worn at a length of 4cm ( about 1.6 inches)
  • While tweed tie can be used for the Windsor knot, they might require a slightly modified knot. For a streamlined appearance, use less bulky materials like silk or satin necktie
  • It is best to use colors of darker shades and avoid too bright colors

How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot

Perfecting the art of tying a Windsor knot involves a few steps you can complete in two minutes. You can learn it with a few practices. Here are the quick Windsor knot steps to follow: 

Full Windsor knot
  • Cross the wide, thicker part of the necktie over the slim, shorter end of the tie, forming an X shape. 
  • Tuck the thicker and wider tie end and allow it to pass underneath the narrow end. It should go through the loop between your collar and necktie and come from the bottom to the front 
  • Now that the wide end is tucked in between the loop and is now in the front area pull the wide end downwards to the left and pull it horizontally from the left to the right
  • Turn the wide part of the tie, take it upwards, and pull it sideways across the front of the knot
  • Take the wide end, pull it through the loop, and pull it from the back to the front
  • While pulling it to the front, ensure that the wide end passes comfortably in the space between the knot and the necktie around the knot
  • Finally, tug the wide end down while adding finishing touches to the tie by straightening the necktie, smoothening any creases on the knot

What is The Half Windsor Knot

The half Windsor Knot is one of the neckties used in professional settings. It is a symmetrical and balanced tie that creates a clear focal point that depicts a business atmosphere. It is the simpler and more relaxed version of the full Windsor knot, which became popular in the early 1950s. 

The half Windsor or single Windsor knot is your good-to-go if you want a classic necktie that fits formal and semi-formal settings. Half Windsor knot is more versatile, and because of its shorter tie length, it is an everyday staple for big and tall men. This Windsor knot is worn mostly in formal settings, for example, business meetings and job interviews.

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

The half Windsor fits perfectly on a medium collar as a medium-sized necktie with a symmetrical shape. We will discuss how to tie a half-Windsor knot in these easy steps. If you are tying a half Windsor knot, it is usually less complicated than the full Windsor knot, but no worries, with practice, it is easy to master. 

Let's get into how to tie knot a Half Windsor knot properly.

Half Windsor knot
  • Wrap the tie around your neck with the wide end being longer than the slim end of the Windsor knot
  • Cross over the wide thicker end over the slim end 
  • Take the wide edge and pass it over from behind the narrow end
  • Grab the wide end with one hand and pull it through the space near the neck
  • Drape the wide end through the neck opening and wrap it across the slim end of the tie
  • Tug the wide end from behind and under the opening of the neck
  • Pull the wide end between the loop in the front of the tie
  • Ensure that the knot is tightened by adjusting it and pulling it till you get the desired look
  • Using one hand, pull the knot up to your neck and adjust it correctly while the other hand is holding the slim end of the tie
  • Finally, slip the narrow end of the necktie into the keeper loop on the back of the tie, further tightening the tie

Half Windsor Vs Full Windsor Knot

There are a couple of differences to examine when considering half Windsor vs full Windsor, which makes them distinct in their appearance. Here are a few points to consider between a full and half Windsor knot.

Size and Symmetry 

A half Windsor knot is usually asymmetrical, and smaller, with one side wider than the other. The full Windsor tie is symmetrical, and more prominent, with both sides equal.

Complexity and Difficulty

Half Windsor knot involves a more straightforward process, and beginners grasp it easily. Full Windsor knot follows a more complex trying process and can be tricky, and requires more practice to perfect.

Level of Formality

Half Windsor knot serves for both formal, semi-formal, and business casual meetings that are moderately formal occasions. Full Windsor knot is mainly worn in meetings requiring the highest formality, like weddings, state events, and highly formal business meetings. 

Collar Compatibility


The Half Windsor knot complements a range of dress shirt collar styles, including spread, semi-spread, and point collars. On the other hand, the Full Windsor knot, with its substantial size, pairs well with wide-spread collars that match its grandeur.

Is The Half Windsor Knot Half of The Full Windsor

When comparing half Windsor knot vs full Windsor, it's easy to compare how they sound. Regardless of their respective names, the 1/2 Windsor knot is not half of the full or double Windsor knot. We are not expecting to see that the half Windsor is 50% of the full Windsor but rather 75% of the size. It doesn't consume fabric up to how much a four-hand necktie would. Apart from being a perfect fit for medium-spread collars, it works well with button-down collars. 

Windsor Knot

Brace Up to Learn How to Tie a Windsor Knot

This is the time to step up your game and join the mature men's club experiment with tying the Windsor knot. It gets even better when you know how to tie a Windsor knot yourself. When next you go for that wedding or business meeting, your Windsor knot should be easy to come through. With easy steps about how to tie a half Windsor knot and a full Windsor knot, you have no doubts that you have a hang of it. Happy knot-tying.