How to Tell if Your Suit Jacket is Too Big

How to Tell if Your Suit Jacket is Too Big

The sports coat is an essential component of a men's suit. It brings the entire outfit together to create a more cohesive appearance in which all of the colors and elements flow together. Unfortunately, though, many guys are guilty of wearing jackets that are too big. When you wear a jacket that is too large for your body size, it creates a messy, unflattering look does your outfit no justice. So, how do you know when a suit jacket is too big?

Check the Shoulders

One tall-tale sign of an oversized suit jacket is bunching of the shoulders. While wearing the jacket, stand up straight and look at yourself in the mirror, paying close attention to the shoulders. A properly fitted sports coat should feature shoulders that are smooth and contoured to the shape of your body. If fabric is bunched up around the shoulders, it's usually indicative of an oversized jacket.

The Arms

Another way to tell if your suit jacket is too big is by checking the arm length. Once again, stand up straight and allow your arms to dangle by your sides. Ideally, you should see about half an inch of linen from your shirt exposed, separating your hands and the jacket sleeve. If the jacket sleeves go beyond this length and cover up all of your shirt linen, it's probably too big.

Jacket Length

Where does the jacket stop on your body? Ideally, a sports jacket should stop somewhere around your hands. If it stops before your hands, it's too short. If it stops below your hands, it's too big.

The Collar

Last but not least, you can tell if your suit jacket is too big by looking at the collar. The collar should be clean, smooth, and not bunched up around the neckline.

Help! My Suit Jacket is Too Big

So, what should you do in the event that your suit jacket is too big? There are a couple of different options available, one of which is to have it tailored. A professional tailor should be able to remove a small portion of the fabric so it fits better on your body. Alternatively, you can retire your old sports coat and purchase a new one. All suit jackets will eventually reach the end of their life, at which point they must be replaced. You can find great deals on high-end sports coats and more by browsing through our selection here at StudioSuits.