How to Protect New Chinos From Fading

How to Protect New Chinos From Fading

Want to preserve the original color of your chinos? All takes of trousers can fade -- and chinos no exception. Chinos, in fact, are oftentimes more susceptible to fading because of the thin material from which they are made. They are made of chino cloth, which is naturally thinner than other common materials like cotton and denim. With this fabric material, chinos have a high risk of fading. So, how do you prevent your chinos from fading exactly?

Go With a Light Color

Light-colored chinos are less likely to fade than their dark-colored counterparts. You can find chinos in dozens of colors. Some of them feature a dark color, whereas others feature a light color. For the highest level of protection against fading, you should go with the latter type.

With a light color, your chinos will be better protected against fading. Light colors can consist of white, khaki, yellow, gray, aqua, lime green and more. Fading is the result of dye either coming out of the chino material or oxidizing. Light-colored chinos can still fade, but they fade more subtly than dark-colored chinos.

Wash in Cold Water

Always wash your chinos in cold water. Contrary to common belief, hot water isn't more effective at cleaning garments. You can wash garments in either cold or hot water, either of which will remove stains from them. In terms of fading, though, cold water is recommended.

Washing your chinos in cold water will protect them from fading. As previously mentioned, fading occurs when the dye within your chinos is released. Hot water encourages the release of dye. If you wash your jeans in hot water, they'll release more of their dye. The end result is a lighter and more faded tone. You can prevent this from happening by washing your chinos in cold water.

Use a Small Amount of Detergent

In addition to washing them in cold water, you can protect your chinos from fading by using a small amount of detergent with them. Detergent doesn't just remove stains; it can release the dye within your chinos. The more detergent that you use, the greater the risk of fading.

When washing your chinos, use a small amount of detergent to minimize the risk of fading. Most washing machines have a detergent dispenser. You can pour detergent into this dispenser rather than the drum. If you inspect the dispenser, you should see one or more lines indicating how much detergent to use. By pouring the detergent up to this line -- don't go past the line -- you can clean your chinos without causing them to fade.

Turn Inside Out When Washing

Another tip to protect your chinos from fading is to wash them inside out. In other words, turn your chinos inside out before placing them in the washing machine. It only takes a minute or two to turn your chinos inside out, but doing so can make a world of difference in their color. Your chinos will be less likely to fade if you wash them inside out.

You might be wondering how washing your chinos inside out can protect them from fading. When washed inside out, the exterior won't be exposed to the water and detergent. Rather, only the interior of your chinos will be exposed to the water and detergent.

Tumble or Line Dry

You can protect your chinos from fading by either tumble drying or line drying them. Tumble drying involves the use of a clothes dryer without any heat. Most clothes dryers have a tumble setting that will tumble the garments around to dry them. Since it doesn't use heat, it's a safe way to dry your chinos.

Line drying is an alternative drying method that you can use for your chinos. As the name suggests, it involves hanging your chinos on a line to dry. You can use either an indoor or outdoor line for this purpose. Many people line dry their garments outdoors where they generate a natural fresh smell. But you can line dry your chinos either indoors or outdoors. Just hang them on a line and leave them for about 30 minutes to one hour. After this period has passed, they should be dry.

There are other benefits associated with line drying your chinos as well. Not only will it protect them fading; line drying your chinos conserves energy. Line drying is an energy-efficient way to dry all of your garments, including chinos. It simply uses air to remove moisture.

Store in a Dark Environment

Storing your chinos out of direct sunlight can preserve their original color and protect them from fading. Sunlight is one of the leading causes of fading. It will cause the dye within your chinos to oxidize, essentially making your chinos lighter and more faded. You can still wear your chinos outdoors on sunny days, but you should consider storing them in a dark environment.

Most clothes are ideal for storing chinos and other garments. As long as there's no an open window nearby, it should offer a dark environment. You can store your chinos in a closet to protect them from fading. Of course, you can also store them in a dresser or chest of drawers. Regardless, storing your chinos in a dark environment will protect them from fading.

Choose High-Quality Chinos

Perhaps the most important tip to protect against fading is to choose high-quality chinos. Not all chinos are the same. There are cheap and low-quality chinos, and there are premium and high-quality chinos. High-quality chinos are less likely to fade than those of lower quality.

High-quality chinos are constructed with high-quality chino material and expert craftsmanship. You don't have to worry about them degrading or fading prematurely. With a pair of high-quality chinos, you'll get a better bang for your buck. These are just a few things you can do to prevent your chinos from fading.