How to Prevent Dress Shirt Buttons From Popping Open

How to Prevent Dress Shirt Buttons From Popping Open

When you fasten the buttons on your dress shirt, you probably expect them to stay closed. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Buttons can have a mind of their own. Even if you properly fastened the buttons on your dress shirt, some of them may pop open. It's frustrating when you're forced to constantly refasten buttons, but there are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Choose a Thin Undershirt

If you're going to wear an undershirt with your dress shirt, make sure it's relatively thin. Wearing a thick undershirt may cause the buttons on your dress shirt to pop open. Thick undershirts take up more space between your dress shirt and your body. With an exceptionally thick undershirt, it may push against your dress shirt while potentially causing one or more of the buttons to pop open.

To keep the buttons on your dress shirt fastened, choose a thin undershirt. Undershirts made of linen or cotton work well. Aside from being soft, they are relatively thin. You can wear a linen or cotton undershirt without fear of it causing your dress shirt buttons to pop open.

In comparison, woold undershirts are not thin. Wool is naturally thicker than linen and cotton. You can wear a wool jacket, but you should typically avoid wearing a wool undershirt. Wearing a wool undershirt may cause the buttons on your dress shirt to pop open.

Stick With High-Quality Buttons

The quality of your buttons will affect their risk of popping open. Low-quality buttons are more likely to pop open than high-quality buttons. If your dress shirt has cheap, low-quality materials consisting of plastic, they may pop open. Choosing a dress shirt with high-quality buttons made of a premium material and expert craftsmanship, on the other hand, may prevent them from popping open.

You can expect to pay more for a dress shirt with high-quality buttons. Nonetheless, it's a smart investment that will allow you to get more use and enjoyment out of your dress shirt. Your dress shirt will look cleaner, and the buttons on it will be better protected from popping open.

Use Caution When Fastening and Unfastening

Try to use caution when fastening and unfastening the buttons on your dress shirt. In other words, be gentle with the buttons. Don't force the buttons into or out of the holes on your dress shirt. If you're struggling to fasten a button, try to maneuver it closer to the hole.

Aggressively fastening and unfastening the buttons on your dress shirt will only increase the risk of them popping open. You may accidentally stretch the thread holding the buttons in place. As the thread stretches, the buttons will become loose. They may still be attached to your dress shirt, but they may pop open if they are loose. You can prevent this from happening by taking a more cautious approach to fastening and unfastening the buttons.

Make the Holes Smaller

If you're comfortable using a needle and thread, you can make the buttonholes on your dress shirt smaller. Buttons are more likely to pop open if the buttonholes are large. With large buttonholes, the buttons may pop open. They'll only stay fastened if the buttonholes are an appropriate size.

You can make the buttonholes on your dress shirt smaller by using a needle and thread. Take the thread and run it through the buttons and around the buttonholes. You don't want to make the buttonholes too small. Rather shrink the buttonholes just enough so that they offer a tighter and more secure fit for the buttons.

Choose a Custom-Sized Dress Shirt

Another tip to avoid this headache is to choose a custom-sized dress shirt. Custom-sized dress shirts are typically made with an emphasis on quality. They feature higher-quality buttons, as well as better craftsmanship, than generic dress shirts. More importantly, perhaps, custom-sized dress shirts are designed to fit perfectly.

What are custom-sized dress shirts exactly? As their name suggests, they are dress shirts that are customized according to your own specifications. You can order them here at StudioSuits. With a custom-sized dress shirt, you aren't forced to choose a generic size. Rather, you can enter your body measurements. These measurements will be used to design a dress shirt specifically for you. When compared to generic dress shirts, custom-sized dress shirts offer higher-quality buttons that are less likely to pop open.

Swap Out the Buttons

Of course, you can swap out the buttons on your dress shirt to prevent them from popping open. Small buttons tend to pop open. If a button is too small, it may work its way out of the buttonhole on your dress shirt, thus popping open.

The buttons on most dress shirts are replaceable. You can remove small buttons, after which you can replace with larger buttons. It takes a little work. And you'll have to use a needle and thread. Nonetheless, swapping out the buttons on your dress shirt can prevent them from popping open, assuming they are too small.

Use Double-Sided Tape

A quick fix for buttons that pop open is double-sided tape. Double-sided tape is characterized by adhesive on both sides. While one-sided tape only has adhesive on a single side, double-sided tape has adhesive on both sides. If you discover that one or more buttons continue to pop open, you can place a small strip of double-sided tape behind it.

When placed behind a problematic button, the double-sided tape will hold it in place. It will stick the button to your dress shirt while preventing it from popping open. No one will be able to see the double-sided tape, either. The double-sided tape will remain concealed while holding the button in place.

In Conclusion

Don't let one or more wild buttons prevent you from wearing a dress shirt. There are several things you can do to prevent buttons from popping open.