How to Pin a Boutonniere

How to Pin a Boutonniere

Wearing flowers is not reserved for the ladies alone. It's now a common thing for men to wear boutonniere. While it looks good to wear flowers, most importantly, you should learn the appropriate boutonniere placement. Most men will wear a boutonniere on suit only a few times, but you should make it good whenever you finally do. Wearing a flower on the lapel of your jacket is just so cool and stylish and adds elegance to the appearance. 

With boutonnieres, you see love, nature's beauty, and fragility all in one item. This article will cover different aspects of this men's accessory. We will consider boutonniere placement, which lapels does a boutonniere go on, how to put on a boutonniere, etc. All you need is to know how to wear it properly, whether you are having your boutonniere on suit or tuxedo with boutonniere. So, let's go further into all that in this blog. 

What is a Boutonniere?

A boutonniere refers to the flower seen in the lapel of a tuxedo or jacket. Boutonniere on suit and tux is an accessory in many weddings. After getting it, the next thing is how to wear a boutonniere, which you will see shortly. You will mostly see flowers pinned to a suit jacket in most settings. However, we also have seen the practice of wearing a boutonniere on dress shirt. Is it ideal? We look into it later in this article. 

Who Wears Boutonniere in a Wedding

Let's look at this question before answering who wears a boutonniere at a wedding. Should you wear a boutonniere at a wedding? Yes. So, back to who wears a boutonniere at a wedding. 

The Groom

The groom will wear a black tux with boutonniere or any other color for his wedding. He can wear a suit or tux with boutonniere, but he should be different from others. 

The Best Man

Best Man

The best man also gets to have a suit or tuxedo with boutonniere like the groom. 

The Groomsmen

Like the groom and best man, a groomsman also needs a matching boutonniere on suit. 


Wedding Suit

Another set of people that needs to wear a boutonniere on suit is the father of both the bride and the groom. 

Ring Bearer

Remember that the ring bearer also deserves some spot among those wearing a tux with boutonniere.


The grandfathers can also wear a suit or tuxedo with boutonniere for the wedding if the grandfathers attend.

The Godfathers

Your Godfathers also deserve their boutonniere at the wedding. 


You should also include the ushers in the list of people wearing a boutonniere.

Which Side Does a Boutonniere Go On

One of the essential things to learn is what side does a boutonniere go on the lapel. Placing it in the wrong position is a mistake you must avoid. Some place theirs inside the front pocket, while others place it at the center of the lapel. Incorrect boutonniere placement can affect your final outlook. Where does a boutonniere go? If you have been getting it wrong, here is the right way to do it.

Check Your Placement

First is knowing how to put on a boutonniere properly. So, what side does a boutonniere go on? Usually, you place it at the center of the left panel of the suit jacket or tux. On the suit lapels, you will find a hole where to tuck it. 

The Boutonniere side with the largest flower will first be placed inside the hole. The base covered with a ribbon should be placed below the hole. The boutonniere stems and the lapel sides must align appropriately on the same side.

Maintain a Firm Grip 

From behind the lapel, use the middle and forefinger to align the boutonniere stem and lapel in one direction. Ensure that you have a firm grip as you try to pin the boutonniere so the flowers don't fall off. Remember that you are doing all of these at the backside of the lapel, so ensure that you hold it well to get a fine finish. 

Sick it in Properly

Stick the pin back through the cloth and navigate from the underside until it appears through the fabric under the lapel. Plus, ensure the pin is hidden behind the lapel and not visible. To avoid injuring the person, you must learn how to pin a boutonniere without poking them with the pin. Fold the lapel backward so the pin can easily pass through the fabric. 

Boutonniere Styling Tips

Here are practical styling tips that will help if you want to wear a boutonniere better. 

Mix Fresh and Dried Flowers

These days, many people have started combining softer shades for boutonniere for a more contemporary look. For example, a cluster of fresh herbs, greens, and berries is an excellent way to style the boutonniere. 

Yes, dried flowers any day, but A mix of fresh flowers and dried flower patterns adds style to the combo. Have you ever heard of Boho weddings? That's where you have a lot of dried flowers with some fresh pampas grass. 

Match the Brides Bouquet

There has to be a sync between the arrangement of the boutonniere and the bride's bouquet. One way to make the arrangements more outstanding is to add one of the main flowers found in the bouquet into the boutonniere. 

The colors chosen for the boutonniere should form a contrast with the suit. We want harmony between the boutonniere, bouquet, wedding colors, floral arrangements, ribbons, etc. 

Can You Wear Boutonniere Without a Jacket

In most modern weddings, we have seen a more relaxed dress code work in various settings. Instead of the usual suiting up, some do without the jacket. So, is it appropriate to have a boutonniere without jacket on? 

Traditionally speaking, you should never wear a boutonniere if you have no jacket on. Pinning a boutonniere on dress shirt looks funny and ridiculous. Boutonniere on suit jacket is the usual way to wear it. 

Shirt Boutonniere

However, with many groomsmen without jackets in some weddings, you can try it on dress shirts, but they should be with smaller flowers. Place it at the center of the shirt's lapel if you are going without a jacket. Again, the flower should complement the shirt. 

Who Puts The Boutonniere On The Groom

Which lapels does a boutonniere go on? The boutonniere is placed on the groom's left lapel. So, who puts the boutonniere on the groom? This is a question many get to ask, and remember that this is a special day, so every action is symbolic. 

In the early times, it could be the best man, someone from the groom's family, or the bride. It shows that the groom is also part of the bridal party. However, most of these traditional settings don't apply to modern weddings. Anybody can play the duty of pinning the groom's tuxedo with the boutonniere. It could be the event planner or the groom. All that matters is who knows how to pin a boutonniere.