How to Keep Your Button-Up Dress Shirts Wrinkle Free

How to Keep Your Button-Up Dress Shirts Wrinkle Free

Wrinkles can drastically change the appearance of a button-up dress shirt. When wrinkles set in, the dress shirt will develop a messy and unkempt appearance that's not particularly flattering. At the same time, the presence of these creases will prevent you from achieving a formal outfit. If you wear a wrinkled dress shirt with a two- or three-piece suit, your outfit will feature a more casual style rather than a formal style. While wrinkles are undoubtedly frustrating, there are a few ways to protect your button-up dress shirts from wrinkles.

Remove Before the Spin Cycle

Assuming you wash them in a standard washing machine, removing your dress shirts before the spin cycle can protect them from wrinkles. Most wrinkles set in during the spin cycle; they don't set it in during the preceding cycles.

The spin cycle, of course, is used to extract or "ring out" moisture from your clothes. It involves spinning the washing machine's drum rapidly to force moisture out of your clothes. When your dress shirts are about to enter the spin cycle, stop your washing machine and remove them. You can then hang your dress shirts on a line -- either inside your home or outside your home -- to dry. They'll take a little longer to dry, but your dress shirts will be less likely to develop wrinkles.

Rub With a Dryer Sheet

You can use a dryer sheet to keep your dress shirts from wrinkling. Dryer sheets contain chemicals that are designed to neutralize static electricity. They are typically used to eliminate bad odors while also protecting clothes from static cling. As a side benefit, though, they also protect against wrinkles. Static cling is an underlying cause of wrinkles. If your dress shirt suffers from static cling, it may develop wrinkles. Therefore, using a dryer sheet can both eliminate and prevent wrinkles on your dress shirts.

Assuming you intend to line dry your dress shirt, you can simply run the surface of it with a dryer sheet. Rubbing your dress shirt with a dryer sheet has the same effect. It will transfer some of the dryer sheet's chemicals onto your dress shirt, thereby neutralizing static electricity. Once the static electricity is eliminated, your dress shirt will be better protected against wrinkles.

Choose Pure Cotton

The material from which a dress shirt is made will affect whether or not it develops wrinkles. Dress shirts made of synthetic materials, including polyester, tend to develop wrinkles more easily than those made of organic materials. If you're worried about wrinkles, choose a dress shirt made of an organic material, such as pure cotton. A 100% cotton dress shirt is an excellent choice because it naturally repels wrinkles and creases.

Pure cotton dress shirts aren't just wrinkle resistant; they are super soft. Synthetic materials lack the softness of pure cotton. They tend to feature a harder and more rigid texture that makes them less comfortable to wear. As a result, you can't go wrong with a pure cotton dress shirt.

Store on a Clothes Hanger

One of the most important things you can do to protect a dress shirt from wrinkles is to store it on a clothes hanger. Many people store their dress shirts by folding them. They believe that folding is just as effective as hanging while consuming less space in the process. If you fold your dress shirt, though, it will form creases in the areas of the folds. Over time, these creases may turn into stubborn wrinkles that are difficult to remove.

Rather than folding your dress shirt, store it on a clothes hanger. Clothes hangers allow garments to drape naturally. When stored on a clothes hanger, your dress shirt will retain its original shape. It won't develop creases, nor will develop stubborn wrinkles. A clothes hanger promotes an original shape that naturally repels wrinkles.

Use Anti-Wrinkle Spray

There are products available that can further protect your dress shirt from wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle spray, for instance, is a type of chemical-based liquid that you spray onto the surface of a garment. With the exception of extremely delicate materials like silk, it's safe to use with most materials.

You can use anti-wrinkle spray to quickly and easily eliminate wrinkles on your dress shirt. If you discover a wrinkle after putting on your dress shirt, spray a light coating of the product over it. After a few minutes, the wrinkle should be gone.

Tuck It In

Another easy way to protect your dress shirt from wrinkles is to tuck it in. Like many other garments, dress shirts tend to wrinkle because they have loose and excess material. Tucking in your dress shirt allows it to sit closely against your body. Therefore, it's less likely to wrinkle.

For better protection against wrinkles, tuck the bottom of your dress shirt into the top of your trousers. No matter what type of trousers are you are wearing, you should be able to tuck your dress shirt into the top of them.

Use an Iron or Steamer

Of course, you can use an iron or steamer to protect your dress shirt from wrinkles. Irons and steamers are both highly effective at protecting against wrinkles. What's the difference between them exactly?

An iron is a standard household device that uses heat to press out wrinkles. A steamer, on the other hand, is a more advanced device that releases steam to press out wrinkles. Some irons contain a steaming function as well. Nonetheless, steamers are designed to release steam at a distance, making them a safer, as well as more effective, solution for wrinkles.

In Conclusion

The aesthetics of a dress shirt is heavily influenced by the presence of wrinkles. It only takes a few stubborn wrinkles to create a messy appearance. While there's no such thing as a wrinkle-proof dress shirt, there are ways to protect your dress shirts from this otherwise common problem. Among other things, you can remove your dress shirts from the washing machine before the spin cycle, rub them with a dryer sheet, choose pure cotton dress shirts, store on a clothes hanger and more.