How to Choose the Right Suits for Your Groomsmen

How to Choose the Right Suits for Your Groomsmen

Are there wedding bells ringing in your future? Statistics show that roughly 2.5 million couples tie the knot in any given year. Assuming you intend to have a traditional wedding -- complete with a ceremony -- you'll need to choose appropriate suits for your groomsmen. Your groomsmen will stand by your side at the altar. If they wear the wrong suits, they may inadvertently harm your own appearance. So, what type of suits should you choose for your groomsmen?

Consider the Season

When choosing suits for your groomsmen, you should consider the season for which your wedding is scheduled. Some types of suits are appropriate for certain seasons than others. If you're getting married during the summer, for example, you may want to choose linen suits for your groomsmen. Linen suits are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for the hot summer months.

If you're getting married during the winter, on the other hand, you may want to choose wool suits for your groomsmen. Wool suits are thicker and heavier than linen, so they are naturally warm. There are also cotton suits that offer year-round comfort. Regardless, you should consider the season for which your wedding scheduled. Only then can you choose the right suits for your groomsmen.

Consider the Location

In addition to the season, you should also consider the location of your wedding. In other words, where are you planning to get married? Some couples get married at outdoor venues, whereas other prefer indoor venues. Different venues call for different types of groomsmen suits.

If you're getting married on a beach, you may want to choose casual linen suits for your groomsmen. Linen suits are frequently worn for beach weddings because of their lightweight and breathable properties. For an indoor wedding, you want to choose a different material, such as wool, cotton, tweed or even corduroy.

Choose an Appropriate Color

You'll need to choose groomsmen suits in an appropriate color. There are a few different ways to approach this, one of which is to stick with the same color as your suit. If you're planning to wear a navy-colored suit, for example, you can choose suits in the same navy color for your groomsmen as well. With you and your groomsmen wearing the same color, you can rest assured knowing that your outfits won't clash.

An alternative approach is to choose groomsmen suits in a slightly different color than that of your suit. If you wear a navy-colored suit, you can choose light-blue-colored suits for your groomsmen. They will still be blue, but your groomsmen suits will be a lighter tone than that of your navy-colored suit. As a result, they'll match while keeping the focus and attention on your suit.

Suits vs Tuxedos

You can choose either suits or tuxedos for your groomsmen. What's the difference between them exactly? Tuxedos are characterized by a formal style. They have satin facing on the lapels, trim, buttons and other areas. Suits don't have this satin facing, making them slightly less former.

With that said, a tuxedo is technically a type of suit; it's just a more formal style. Therefore, you may want to choose tuxedos for your groomsmen if you're hoping to have a formal and traditional wedding.

There's nothing with choosing traditional suits for your groomsmen. Even if you're throwing a traditional wedding, two- or three-piece suits are perfectly fine. The most important thing is that you choose the right suits -- or tuxedos -- for your groomsmen.

Get the Right Sizes

Whether you choose suits or tuxedos for your groomsmen, it's paramount that you get them in the right sizes. All of your groomsmen probably don't wear the same size. No two people, in fact, have the same size or shape body. As a result, groomsmen require suits in special sizes.

A simple and effective way to ensure that your groomsmen suits fit properly is to order them custom sized. If you order custom-sized groomsmen suits, you can ask your groomsmen for their body measurements. The suits will then be designed according to their measurements, resulting in a perfect fit.


A common mistake soon-to-be grooms make when choosing suits for their groomsmen is failing to account for footwear. They may find stylish and high-quality suits for their groomsmen, but they don't consider what type of shoes their groomsmen will wear.

When shopping for groomsmen suits, think about what type of shoes your groomsmen will wear. You don't have to give your groomsmen free rein over choosing their shoes. Rather, you should select a specific type of footwear for all your groomsmen. Doing so ensures that all your groomsmen will have the same outfit.

Footwear should flow cohesively with your groomsmen suits. If your groomsmen are wearing black suits, don't choose brown shoes for them. Instead, stick with black shoes so that they match your groomsmen suits.

Renting vs Buying

While renting suits for your groomsmen may sound like a cheaper alternative to buying them, it could cost you more money in the long run. Suit rentals are oftentimes expensive, and you'll usually be charged per day. If your groomsmen don't return their suits the following day, you'll rack up charges that potentially exceed the cost of new suits.

Instead of renting suits for your groomsmen, consider buying them. When buying groomsmen suits, you'll have peace of mind knowing that they are new. Renting groomsmen suits, on the other hand, means your groomsmen will have to wear used suits. Used suits such as this may contain damages that isn't discovered until you are standing at the altar alongside your groomsmen.

Choosing groomsmen suits may seem like a daunting task. After all, with so many different styles, how are you supposed to choose one for the most important day of your life? By following the tips outlined here, you'll have an easier time finding the perfect suits for your groomsmen.