How to Choose the Perfect Outerwear Coat?

How to Choose the Perfect Outerwear Coat?

You probably want to make a good impression on your business partner or want to get special service at a restaurant. A fleece jacket might be great for outdoors or for a camping trip, but they may feel more amateur in a formal setting. When the temperature starts to drop, you need dressier outerwear, such as an overcoat. But when buying an overcoat, it is essential to know the different types of overcoats to help you make the right choice.

Different types of Men's coats

There are plenty of different kinds of men's winter coats overcoats in the market, and choosing the right coat can be a bit overwhelming. The best men's winter overcoats will not only help keep you warm but should also be stylish, practical, and match with the majority of your existing wardrobe. Here is a men's winter jacket guide to help you pick the best winter outwear coat for yourself – 

What is a Topcoat?

Originating in 17th century Europe, a top coat was a strictly formal outerwear coat that exclusively offered protection to expensive suits. But, modern topcoats help add a visual layer and depth to the attire. The topcoat is marked by wide lapels along with deep cuffs that run till the knees or ends just above it.

Top Coat vs. Overcoat

Both top coat and overcoat are wardrobe staples, but they are quite different from each other. An overcoat is heavy and a long coat helps protect you from the harsh weather. On the other hand, a topcoat is lighter and ends just at or slightly above the knees. Top coat is perfect to be worn over suits or casual wear for layering. 

What is a Pea Coat?

A pea coat is a double-breasted short coat made of heavy wool. The pea coat design was first introduced as the Navy's uniform in the 19th century, and soon the design was adapted by the civilians and became mainstream. Pea coat has oversized lapels, big round buttons, along with stand-up collars to help protect you from the elements. It is more of a casual coat but can also be dressed up when needed.

Pea Coat vs. Trench coat

Pea coat and trench coat are both men's overcoats for winter with a military origin. But they both are different in the material they are made of and their overall design. Pea coats are generally made of wool, while trench coats are made of gabardine, cotton, or poplin. Trench coats are longer overcoats, while pea coats usually end near the thigh. Another major difference between the two is that trench coats are waterproof, and pea coats are not.

What is a Duffle Coat?

Among the different kinds of men's coats, Duffle coats are the only classic coats that have a hood. The most recognizable characteristics of the duffle coats are its hood and front toggle. These coats are made using heavy and coarse wool that also makes it water-resistant. They usually feature a square-shaped shoulder yoke along with two huge patch pockets. The length can be anything from knee-length to mid-thigh. 

Duffle Coat vs. Pea Coat

Duffle and pea coat have stood the test of time and are still as popular among men. The most distinct difference between the two is that the pea coat is more austere, and its double-breasted designs make it difficult to wear it casually. Duffle coats, on the other hand, are much more versatile and can be worn over virtually any attire. 

Men's Over Coat for Winters

If you are looking for an overcoat to wear to stay warm and cozy and still look stylish, here are our top picks on what coat to wear at what temperature –

Coat to Wear to Stay Warm - Temperature Below 5° C

GQ Trench Coat

This exceptionally tailored, long GQ trench coat will keep you cozy throughout the winters. The accommodating shoulders and wide sleeves are perfect to be worn over blazers and suits; this coat makes for stylish outerwear. 

Wool Long Coat

This long coat is a relaxed overcoat with buttoned front closure and savvy pockets on each side. The premium feel and look of this coat is unmatched by any other in this category.

Coat to Wear to Stay Super Warm - Temperature Below 0° C

Musto Tweed Overcoat

Made of pure wool, this high-fashion and slim-fitting Musto tweed overcoat accentuates all your best features. This vintage double-breasted features peaked lapels, 6 buttons, a half-belt in the back, and two large patch pockets that fuse utility with luxury perfectly. 

Vintage Plain Dark Gray Tweed Overcoat

Crafted using pure wool, this legendary designed overcoat is rough and hard wearing to keep you warm and stylish during the cold months. This 3 button overcoat, with peaked lapels and patch pockets on the side, will give your wardrobe the sartorial edge. 

Coat to Wear to Stay Cosy and Stylish - Temperature Above 5° C

Rope Weave Persian Blue Tweed Overcoat

This rope weave overcoat is the best overcoat to buy for the winters as it is easy to style when the temperature starts to fall. This Persian blue stylish coat allows you to stand out of the crowd without being showy.  

Rope Weave Light Gray Tweed Overcoat

This 3 buttoned light gray tweed overcoat will offer an instant update to your formal attire. The rope weave is well-suited for winters without is one of the least complicated designs that you can choose to wear in any way you choose. 


A well-fitted overcoat, no matter what the style, is a great investment. It not only works well to keep you warm, but it also makes you look sharp. Pick the right overcoat and see how it ups up any outfit with ease.