How to Choose a Filafil Dress Shirt

How to Choose a Filafil Dress Shirt

If you're tired of wearing the same button-up dress shirts day after day, you should consider investing in a filafil dress shirt. They still feature a button-up construction. Filfafil dress shirts, however, are defined by their use of filafil cotton. They are made of cotton with different shades of colored fabric. Some of the fabric is darker than the other fabric. As a result, filafil dress shirts offer a unique appearance that distinguishes them other button-up dress shirts.

Short or Long Sleeves

When choosing a filafil dress shirt, you'll need to decide whether you want short or long sleeves. Filafil dress shirts are available in short-sleeved and long-sleeved styles. Both styles feature the same alternating and colored cotton fabric. The only difference is that short-sleeved filafil dress shirts only extend to your biceps or elbows when worn, whereas long-sleeved filafil dress shirts extend all the way to your hands.

For the spring and summer months, many men prefer short-sleeved filafil dress shirts. A short-sleeved filafil dress shirt will allow your arms to breathe so that you don't get uncomfortably hot. During the fall and winter months, on the other hand, you may want to choose a long-sleeved filafil dress shirt.

Consider the Color

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a filafil dress shirt is the color. Filafil isn't a particular type of fabric. Rather, filafil consists of traditional fabric like cotton. It's the color that makes filafil fabric unique and distinguished from cotton. All filafil dress shirts are made of a colored fabric. They are designed with multiple colors -- typically two colors -- that contrast with each other.

Most filafil dress shirts contain a primary color and a secondary color. When viewed from afar, you'll typically only see the primary color. Inspecting a filafil dress shirt up close, however, will reveal its secondary color as well. The combination of these two colors results in a contrasting appearance that's uniquely attractive.

Washed or Unwashed

Something else to consider when choosing a filafil dress shirt is whether you want washed or unwashed. All filafil dress shirts are made of either washed or unwashed fabric. Washed simply means the fabric was washed, whereas unwashed means the shirt is made of raw or unwashed fabric.

Washed filafil dress shirts are typically better protected against fading and stretching than their unwashed counterparts. When fabric like cotton is washed, it shrinks. At the same time, some of its excess dye will flush out. These effects make washed filafil dress shirts better protected against fading and stretching than unwashed filafil dress shirts.

Some men, however, still prefer unwashed filafil dress shirts. Unwashed filafil dress shirts have a darker, deeper color than washed filafil dress shirts. You can find filafil dress shirts in both washed and unwashed fabric. Regardless, you'll need to determine which type is right for you.

Check the Collar

Always check the collar when choosing a dress shirt, including a filafil dress shirt. You can tell a lot about the quality of a dress shirt by its collar. If the collar is warped or otherwise poorly designed, chances are it's a low-quality dress shirt.

Whether you're shopping for a filafil dress shirt online or in person, take a moment to inspect the collar. It should have clean and crisp collar. The filafil dress shirt should have buttons that you can use to fasten and secure the collar in place. These features are typically indicative of a high-quality filafil dress shirt. Only choose a filafil dress shirt that has a proper collar.

Avoid Generic Sizes

It's recommended that you avoid generic sizes when choosing a filafil dress shirt. Instead, go for a custom-sized filafil dress shirt. Custom-sized filafil dress shirts are designed using your body measurements. They don't feature standard sizes that may or may not fit. Rather, custom-sized filafil dress shirts are designed using your own body measurements, thereby allowing for a perfect fit.

You can order a custom-sized filafil dress shirt here at StudioSuits. When you place an order, you can specify your body measurements. The filafil dress shirt will then be designed using your measurements.

Buying a filafil dress shirt in a generic size is a gamble. You may get lucky and find that it fits perfectly. Most of the time, though, this doesn't happen. Generic sizes aren't designed using your body measurements. They are manufacturer-created sizes that are designed for a general audience.

Read the Cleaning Instructions

Before buying a filafil dress shirt, read the cleaning instructions. Filfafil dress shirts can become dirty just like all other dress shirts. Because they are made of cotton, though, you can typically clean them in the washing machine.

While most filafil dress shirts can be cleaned in the washing machine, it's still a good idea to read the cleaning instructions. You can find these instructions on the care tag. The care tag is a label that contains information on how to wash and dry a garment. Filafil dress shirts are designed with a care tag, which you can usually find inside the collar.

Here are some tips on how to clean a filafil dress shirt:

  • Always follow the instructions on the care tag.
  • Wash using cold water rather than hot water.
  • Unfasten the buttons before placing your filafil dress shirt in the washing machine.
  • To preserve the color of your filafil dress shirt, wash with 1/2 cup of vinegar.

Check the Buttons

Finally, you should check the buttons when choosing a filafil dress shirt. All filafil dress shirts have buttons. They typically have a single column of buttons on the front, which you can fasten or unfasten.

If you're going to buy a filafil dress shirt, you should choose one that features high-quality buttons. Cheap and low-quality buttons can crack. Something as simple as washing a dress shirt may damage the buttons if they are cheap.