How to Choose a Donegal Tweet Suit

How to Choose a Donegal Tweet Suit

Are you thinking about purchasing a tweed suit? In recent years, Donegal tweed suits have become increasingly popular -- and for good reason. They feature a variety of yards in different colors to achieve a truly unique style that's not found in other types of suits. Whether you're getting dressed for a job interview, a wedding, a graduation or any other formal, you can't go wrong with a Donegal tweed suit. Not all Donegal tweed suits are the same, however, so it's important to choose the right one. In this post, you'll learn more about Donegal tweed suits and find the perfect one for your needs.

What Is a Donegal Tweed Suit?

A Donegal tweed suit is a type of two- or three-piece men's suit that's made of Donegal tweed. It receives its namesake Donegal County, Ireland where the fabric was originally invented. It's unknown when exactly Donegal tweed invented, but historians believe it originated in Donegal County many centuries ago. Since then, it's become a popular choice of fabric in the construction of men's suits, vests, hats and other garments. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Donegal tweed suit:
  • Donegal tweed suits feature a colorful design with yarns in different colors.
  • Donegal tweed suits are incredibly soft and comfortable.
  • Donegal tweed suits are long-lasting, with some lasting for over a decade.
  • You can find Donegal tweed suits available in countless styles.
  • Because they feature yarns in different colors, Donegal tweed suits are easy to match with other garments and accessories.

Choose a Genuine Donegal Tweed Suit

To take advantage of the unique benefits of Donegal tweed, you need to choose a suit made of this fabric. Keep in mind that not all tweed suits are made of Donegal tweed. In fact, most are made of other types of tweed. All tweed suit feature a tweed woolen construction, but only Donegal tweed suits feature genuine Donegal tweed. You can expect to pay more for a Donegal tweed suit than a generic tweed suit, but most men will agree that it's well worth the investment. With their superior level of craftsmanship combined with their unique style, a Donegal tweed suit is the perfect choice for all fashion-conscious men.

Consider Two or Three Piece

Like other types of suits, Donegal tweed suits are available in either two or three pieces. What's the difference between a two- and three-piece Donegal tweed suit exactly? Both types include a pair of trousers and a jacket made of Donegal tweed. The difference between them is that a three-piece Donegal tweed suit contains a waistcoat made of this same fabric as well. Two-piece Donegal tweed suits are more popular than their three-piece counterparts, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you should only wear a two-piece Donegal tweed suit. Three-piece Donegal tweed suits look slightly more formal, making them an excellent choice for black-tie events. You can even accessorize a three-piece Donegal tweed suit to create a dressier appearance. Regardless, you should consider whether you want a two- or three-piece Donegal suit. 2fc53fab99126f771a0ff6cab335179c.image.308x4201345

Check the Lining

Don't forget to check the lining when shopping for a Donegal tweed suit. Many Donegal tweed suits are constructed with a soft lining to achieve a superior level of comfort. Viscose, for instance, is often sewn into the interior of the jacket. A type of semi-synthetic fabric, viscose is soft and luxury. While most people won't see the viscose lining when you wear a Donegal tweed suit, it will provide you with a higher level of comfort. The soft interior creates padding between the suit jacket and your body. Not all Donegal tweed suits are constructed with a viscose lining, but if you want to experience the soft and comfortable feeling of this material, you should take the time to choose a Donegal tweed suit with this lining.

Single vs Double Breasted

When shopping for a Donegal tweed suit, pay attention to the jacket to determine whether it's single or double breasted. Single-breasted suit jackets have a single row of buttons on the front, whereas double-breasted suit jackets have two rows of buttons on the front. Although it sounds like a minor nuance, there's a big difference between the appearance of a single-breasted suit jacket and that of a double-breasted suit jacket. Single-breasted suit jackets, including those made of Donegal tweed, look cleaner and more modern than their double-breasted counterparts. Whether you're purchasing a suit jacket made of Donegal tweed or any other fabric, check to see whether it's single or double breasted.

Choose a Versatile Base Color

While most Donegal tweed suits feature multiple colors, they generally all have a single base color. Therefore, you should choose a Donegal tweed suit in a versatile base color like gray. If the base color is too bold, you may not be able to wear your favorite dress shirt or necktie with it. If you choose a versatile color, on the other hand, you'll have the freedom to wear just about any other garment or accessory with it. What is a versatile base color exactly? Any shade of gray, brown or black is versatile.

Make Sure It Fits

Last but not least, it's important to choose a Donegal tweed suit in the right size. If it doesn't fit right, you probably get much use out of it. And when you do happen to wear your oversized or undersized Donegal tweed suit, it may cause discomfort. You can avoid this headache, however, by choosing a Donegal tweed suit in the right size. Here at StudioSuits, you can order a custom-sized Donegal tweed suit in your specific size. When you place an order, you can provide us with your body measurements. Once we receive your measurements, we'll create a custom-sized Donegal tweed suit, giving you peace of mind knowing that it will fit perfectly.