How to Choose a Cashmere Wool Suit

How to Choose a Cashmere Wool Suit

Suits are available in dozens of different fabrics. In addition to cotton, many of them are made of wool. There are different types of wool, however, used in the construction of suits. In terms of comfort and style, cashmere is arguably the best choice. Cashmere wool suits are soft and gentle on your skin, and they project a stylish appearance that's not found in other fabrics.

Cashmere wool suits are defined by their cashmere wool construction. They are made of a specific type of wool that's derived from the fur of cashmere goats. This fur, known as cashmere wool, is used to make cashmere wool suits.

Pay Attention to the Fabric

When shopping for a cashmere wool suit, you should pay attention to the fabric from which it's made. I know what you're thinking: Aren't all cashmere wool suits made of the same cashmere wool fabric? While they do, in fact, contain cashmere wool in their construction, some of the may contain other fabrics.

There are cashmere wool suits, for instance, that contain a combination of traditional wool and cashmere wool. Others may contain a small amount of cotton or a synthetic fabric that's blended into the cashmere wool. Regardless, you should pay attention to the fabric when shopping for a cashmere wool suit.

Check the Buttons

You should also check the buttons when shopping for a cashmere wool suit. Like all suits, cashmere wool suits contain a suit jacket -- and all suit jackets have buttons on the front. With that said, the number of buttons on a suit jacket can vary. Some of them have more buttons than others.

Most cashmere wool suits have between one to four buttons on the front. Two-button and three-button jackets are typically the most popular. You can't go wrong with a two- or three-button suit jacket. For a more unique appearance, though, you may want to choose a four-button cashmere wool suit. Cashmere wool suits are available in all of these button configurations, so don't forget to consider the buttons when ordering a cashmere wool suit.

Determine the Breast Style

Cashmere wool suits are available in two primary breast styles: single and double breasted. The breast style refers to button placement. Single-breasted suit jackets, including those made of cashmere wool, are defined by a single column of buttons on the front. Double-breasted suit jackets, on the other hand, are defined by two columns of buttons on the front.

Which of these breast styles you should choose for a cashmere wool suit? Some men prefer single-breasted suit jackets, whereas others prefer double-breasted suit jacket. There's really no wrong style. With that said, single-breasted suit jackets offer a more modern style than double-breasted suit jackets.

Choose a Simple Lapel Style

It's recommended that you choose a cashmere wool suit with a simple lapel style. All suit jackets have lapels, and cashmere wool suit jackets are no exception. Lapels are the folded sections of fabric around the neck and center of a suit jacket. You can find lapels on all types of suit jackets as well as on many other types of formal outerwear.

For a high level of versatility, you should choose a cashmere wool suit with a simple lapel style. Simple lapel styles include notched, peaked and shawl. Notched lapels are commonly found on single-breasted suit jackets. They feature a simple design consisting of small folds that are sewn into the jacket's collar at an angle.

Alternatively, you can't go wrong with peaked or notched lapels. Peaked lapels are the most formal. While notched lapels are typically found on single-breasted suit jackets, peaked lapels are more commonly found on double-breasted suit jacket. Peaked lapels are designed with elongated folds that come together to form a sharp point or "peak."

Of course, shawl lapels is another option from which you can choose. Many cashmere wool suits feature shawl lapels. Also known as roll collar lapels, shawl lapels are typically found on tuxedo jackets. They offer a simple design that's highly versatile and easy to incorporate into your outfits.

Match Jacket With Trousers

Make sure your cashmere wool jacket matches your trousers. Some men order these two garments separately, resulting in a mismatching jacket and trousers. You'll create a more attractive and uniform suit outfit, however, if you order them together.

Ordering a cashmere wool suit and a jacket together will ensure they match. Both garments will feature the same type of cashmere wool, and they'll feature the same colors or patterns. As a result, your cashmere wool suit will offer a clean and uniform appearance that projects a higher level of aesthetics.

Get the Right Button Color

Cashmere wool suits are available in different button colors. While the button color may sound like an insignificant element, it can affect the overall appearance of a cashmere wool suit. The buttons should feature a color that matches the rest of your cashmere wool suit. If the buttons clash with your cashmere wool suit, they'll project a lower level of aesthetics.

Some of the different button colors for cashmere wool suits include the following:

  • Faux horn beige
  • Faux horn brown
  • Faux horn dark tan
  • Real horn brown
  • Italian horn mont
  • Corozo beige
  • Corozo black
  • Corozo ivory
  • Corozo tan
  • Corozo Irish

Consider the Vents

Finally, you should consider the vents when choosing a cashmere wool suit. What are vents exactly? Vents are essentially slits on the back of a suit jacket. Some suit jackets have a single vent consisting of a single slit at the bottom of the back. Other suit jackets have two vents consisting of two slits at the bottom of the back.

You can find cashmere wool suit jackets available in vented and non-vented styles. Maybe you prefer a single vent, or perhaps you prefer two vents. Alternatively, you can choose a cashmere wool suit jacket without any vents. Either way, you should consider the vents when choosing a cashmere wool suit.