How to Care for Your Custom Suits

How to Care for Your Custom Suits

A custom suit, created to your exact specifications, is a long-term investment. Care for it properly and it will be your companion through business meetings and special occasions for years. It is easy to care for your suit if you keep a few things in mind:

When You Buy

1. Get the right fit – A good fit is essential for the suit to serve its purpose – making you look dashing and handsome. It will also ensure that you don’t strain the seams trying to stuff yourself into a too-tight garment, ruining the shape of the suit in the process.

2. Get the right fabric – High thread-count wool is more fragile and wears out faster than a coarser fabric. A good rule of thumb is that expensive fabrics require more care than cheaper ones. So think carefully about what you need the suit for, and choose the fabric accordingly.

After You Wear

1. Give it a rest – Don’t wear the same suit two days in a row. Natural fabrics, especially wool, need time to rest and breathe in between uses. If you need to wear a suit every day, buy another suit so you can alternate them.

2. Avoid sweat stains – Make sure your summer suit isn't too heavy, or you’ll sweat out and stain the fabric. Always wear an undershirt to avoid staining the suit.

3. Brush it off – If you spill any food on it, mop it up as soon as possible. Be careful not to rub or spread, or you’ll make it worse. When you take off your suit, use a stiff suit brush in firm downward strokes to remove any food particles.

How you Store

1. Hang it – Use a broad wooden hanger for your suit. A cedar wood hanger will even help repel moths. The hanger should be broad enough to fill out the shoulders a little. Wider hangers help prevent creases.

2. Air it – When you are done wearing your suit, don’t pack it away right away. Hang it up, brush it, and let it air for at least day.

3. Cover it – Once it is done airing, cover it in a garment bag (not a plastic one) so that it is protected from dust but can still breathe. If all you have is plastic, leave the zip open a little bit.

4. Clean it – If it is wrinkled, iron it or steam press it. If it is stained, brush it. Only if this fails, take your suit to the cleaners. Avoid dry cleaning your custom suit too often as the chemicals harm the natural fibers.


When You Travel

1. Pack it well – Ideally, you should hang it in a garment bag while travelling. When that is not possible, pack it into your suitcase right on top. Make sure your bag isn't overstuffed, or the added pressure can damage the shape of the suit. Hang it as soon as you get a chance.

2. Steam – If possible, steam press it before you wear. It will get the travel wrinkles out. You can even steam it in your hotel bathroom. Just hang it up in your bathroom (NOT too near the shower) turn the hot water on and close the door!

How to Fold a Suit 

 You custom suit is an expression of your personality. If you make it look good, it will make you look good.

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