How Many Pockets Should My Suit Jacket Have?

This is a question that many guys ask, especially if they are new to the suit buying process. Jackets that are manufactured with multiple pockets will provide greater room for storing small items like your keys, wallet, handkerchief, cologne, etc. However, too many pockets may water down the appearance of your suit, resulting in a tacky and unflattering look that does your outfit no justice. So, how many pockets should a men's suit jacket have? While there are always exceptions to this rule, most men's suit jackets feature two main pockets on the outside, usually either patch pockets, jetted pockets, or flap pockets. A patch pocket is essentially a piece of cloth that is sewn into the front of the jacket to create a pouch-like pocket. It's commonly used in summer-time linen suits, as well as various business-casual suit jackets. A flap pocket, on the other hand, features a lined flap of matching fabric that covers the top of the pocket (hence the name, flap). The most formal pocket option for suit jackets, however, is the jetted pocket. It features a small piece of fabric that tapers at the top and bottom. It is often used in dinner jackets and black-tie event jackets. In addition to patch, jetted and flap pockets, there are also breast pockets used in men's suit jackets. Breast pockets are usually found on the left side of the chest, allowing the wearer to accessorize it with a pocket square. If you want to add a fun new element to your outfit, consider accessorizing your suit jacket with a pocket square. As long as the jacket has a breast pocket, you can display a pocket square here. A lesser known (and lesser used) pocket is the ticket pocket. Also known as the fourth pocket, it's a smaller, more discreet pocket that's found directly above the right pocket. The ticket pocket was originally intended for use in country-style suits, as it offered a convenient location for men to store their train tickets. While few men use the ticket pocket today for storing train tickets, it remains an optional pocket in suit jackets. So to answer the question on hand, there's really no specific amount of pockets that a suit jacket should have. Some jackets may feature just a single breast pocket, whereas others may have up to four (sometimes even more). Don't worry too much about how many pockets a jacket has, and instead focus your attention on more important elements like the fabric, size, and style.