Guide to Men's Tweed Suits: What You Should Know

Guide to Men's Tweed Suits: What You Should Know

Not all men's suits are made of cotton or linen. While these two fabrics are certainly popular choices, you'll find suits are available in dozens of other fabric and textiles, including tweed. Tweed suits have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional cotton and linen in recent years. It offers a unique style and texture that's simply not found elsewhere. As a result, many men have been trading in their cotton suits for tweed suits. So, what exactly is tweed, and why should you wear it?

Overview of Tweed

Tweed is a type of woolen fabric that's characterized by a unique construction process in which the weaves resemble a cheviot. It's typically woven using a plain weave herringbone or twill structure. Tweed was once a cultural icon of the British country apparel, with many men in the United Kingdom seeking to wear it as informal outerwear. Thanks to its relatively thick construction and durable design, it was an excellent choice of apparel for outerwear, and it was often preferred over other types of coats and jackets. The term "tweed" actually comes from the Tweed River in Scotland, where the fabric is believed to have originated. It's said that a U.K. merchant purchased some of the fabric from a vendor around the Tweed River. After discovering the unique properties of this fabric, he came back to purchase more, eventually naming it "tweed." It's safe to say the term stuck, as now the fabric is referred to as "tweed" from across the world.

Why Choose Tweed Suit

So, why should you choose a tweed suit instead of a suit made of cotton, linen, wool or other fabrics? There are several reasons to consider a tweed suit, one of which is its warmth and protection from the elements. Because it's a woolen material, tweed is warmer and more protective than standard cotton or linen. This makes it an excellent choice for use during the cool fall and winter months. However, tweed is versatile and be worn during any time of the year, including spring and summer. It's not quite as thick as wool, so it doesn't weigh you down to the point where you're hot and uncomfortable. Tweed suits are also constructed with an emphasis on quality and durability. It's frustrating when you buy a new suit, only to discover a ripped seam just a few weeks later. While tweed suits aren't immune to such damage, they are less likely to rip or tear than suits made of other materials. As a result, many men -- especially those in laborious jobs -- prefer tweed suits over other suits. The durable, high-quality construction prolongs the suit's life and protects it from damage. Finally, tweed suits are available in a variety of styles, with something to fit every man's personal taste. Available exclusively here at StudioSuits, the Light Weight Twilight Black Tweed Fabric Suit is a popular choice among fashionable men. It features a two-button jacket style with corozo black button, notch lapels, a single vent and two welted pockets on the trousers. And with its black color, this suit is the perfect choice for formal and semi-formal occasions. Of course, there are dozens of other tweed suits, but you can't go wrong with the Light Weight Twilight Black Tweed Fabric Suit sold here at StudioSuits.

Different Types of Tweed

It's important to note that there are several different types of tweed. Granted, all tweed is characterized by its woolen fabric construction with cheviot or homespun weaves. However, there are different types of tweed with subtle nuances affecting their appearance and construction. Harris Tweed, for instance, is the world's most popular commercially produced handwoven tweed. As stated in the Harris Tweed Act of 1993, Harris Tweed is handwoven by residents of the Outer Hebrides islands, and it's made strictly from virgin wool that's been meticulously harvested and dyed, resulting in a superior level of quality. There's also Donegal tweed, which is a specific type of handwoven tweed manufactured in Donegal County, Ireland. Here, residents have been producing this high-quality tweed for centuries, using wool from the local sheep in its production. Donegal tweed is dyed using plants like blackberries, gorse, moss and fuchsia, which is also sourced locally within Donegal County. Finally, silk tweed is a special type of tweed that's characterized by the use of raw silk with specks of color. It's a lesser used type of tweed, and it's also one of the most expensive due to the presence of silk. laptop-2562325_960_720

Tips on Choosing a Tweed Suit

If you're thinking about buying a tweed suit, there are a few things you should look for. First, pay attention to the color. You'll probably discover that many tweed suits feature a neutral color like taupe, gray, brown or tan. These are the most popular colors in which tweed is made. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are the only colors. You'll find tweed suits available in a wide variety of colors, ranging from neutral and black to blue, red and even green. When choosing a tweed suit, stick with a color that's appropriate for the occasion during which you'll wear it. You should also check to see how many buttons the tweed jacket has. Most jackets have two or three buttons, either of which are appropriate. A good rule of thumb is to leave the bottom most button unfastened. If your tweed jacket has three buttons, for example, fasten the top two buttons but not the bottom button. Perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a tweed jacket is the size. You probably won't wear your tweed jacket often if it's too big or too small. Furthermore, the wrong size will look awkward and unflattering. While you can always take your tweed suit to a professional tailor for adjusting, it's best to choose the right size in the first place. If you struggle to find a tweed suit in your size, consider ordering one from StudioSuits. You can specify your own measurements, which we'll use to create a tweed suit that fits just right.