Best Wedding Suits for Groom and Groomsmen

Best Wedding Suits for Groom and Groomsmen

Weddings are the perfect time to celebrate and catch up with real moments to remember. While the groom black suit is a conventional outfit worn for many weddings, many have argued that this groom outfit and that of the groomsmen need switching up. Imagine the groom and his groomsmen looking dashing in their timelessly stylish wedding tuxedos, lovely. 

What shade of groom wedding suit will you wear for your big day? You can take advantage of the different groom wedding suit ideas listed here to make your day memorable. In this article, we lay it all out on various groom and groomsmen suit ideas. We have made it easy to choose your groom suits for weddings. Read to find out more. 

Wedding Suit Colors For Groom And Groomsmen

With many suits for groomsmen, finding the perfect groom suit for your wedding will be easy. Regardless of the dress code or the season, there are always groom suit ideas for everyone. Let's see the shades of groom suit colors you can pick from. 

Black Wedding Tuxedo


Step up as you and the groomsmen appear in your black wedding tuxedos. Black is one of the suits for wedding you can never go wrong in. You are covered whether you want to try out one of the groom tuxedo ideas or a sophisticated groom black suit. A black tux is one of the mens wedding suit ideas to try on if you want to exude elegance and class. 

Charcoal Suit

Wedding Suit

What you want for a wedding groom suit is one that is stylish and yet fits the season. For evening weddings or weddings in the fall or winter, charcoal suits could be what you want. If you are looking to have a formal wedding and you need groom tuxedo ideas, charcoal-colored suits will look good on you. 

If you don't know, the darker the shades are, the more it suits formal attire. Charcoal as the wedding suits for groomsmen color will leave the gentlemen looking stoic. When choosing a grooms wedding suit, the accessories you put on will tell the level of seriousness of the occasion. A charcoal groom suit dressed down with accessories can also work in a casual wedding. 

Blue Suit

blue wedding suit

Blue suits are one of the modern wedding suits for men, representing the smart gentleman. They are perfect as wedding tuxedos for spring and summer. The different colors of blue can serve on various occasions if you want mens wedding suits ideas that are pretty versatile. 

The lighter shade of blue can be worn on a more casual wedding, while the classic navy blue represents a more formal outlook. You can dress it up with a bow tie or add colors to tone down the formality. 

Light Gray Suit

Light gray suits do the magic if you are looking for a sophisticated groom outfit for a wedding that gives off a stylish vibe. The best is that this color matches well with both the summer and winter periods. This is one of the groom and groomsmen suits for wedding inspiration that are incredibly comfortable to wear during the daytime wedding settings. 

Gray Wedding Suit

If you don't want a conventional groom black suit, light shades of gray can suffice for a black, navy or charcoal suit. It is a neutral color, so you can easily combine it with most colors without making a bad combo.

Dark Gray

The dark gray shade groom suit colors are one of the most versatile suit ideas that match almost anything. It can serve as a men wedding suits for groom in a formal setting with appropriate accessories, and you can also dress it down as a casual groom outfit for wedding ideas in a more relaxed environment. 

A gray-colored groom suit is perfect for the fall when the weather is warm. However, gray is a versatile color, so it will work anytime in the year.

Tie or Bow Tie


When thinking of groom and groomsmen suit ideas, knowing the necktie to pair your outfit with is essential. Whether you will wear a tie or bow tie with any color of groom outfit depends on the formality level. 

Weddings considered highly formal, like a black tie wedding, will require wearing wedding tuxedos, and bow ties are most appropriate. For less formal events, you can wear your groom and groomsmen suits ties. You can go with one of the groom suit ideas, like wearing a traditional suit and complementing it with a patterned tie for added Flair. 


Another aspect is to know the type of footwear to pair with your wedding suit. Again, the event's formality will determine your suit ideas and the footwear. Is it a formal wedding? Where is it taking place? What is the dress code for the wedding? 

You must know the dos and don'ts of wearing dress shoes for suits. When picking your groom suits for wedding, stick to black Oxford shoes for a traditional wedding, and the same goes for the groomsmen. You can opt for other footwear like suede or loafers. They work well with most groom suit colors.

Weddings in The Summer

wedding Suit

Weddings happen all year round, and the summer is part of it. If there is anything people dread, it's wearing a suit. But no worries, there are comfortable groom and groomsmen suit ideas you can choose from. When it comes to wedding suits for men, Studiosuits has a variety of the best wedding suits for groom and groomsman. 

First, we recommend that you consider wearing linen or cotton fabric suits for weddings done in summer. These materials are breathable and lightweight and help to keep the body cool despite the impact of the heat. We have wedding tuxedos that are comfortable for the wedding and still make you look great. Do well to get ready to shop for that.

Weddings in Winter

Weddings in Winter

Winter weddings are a delight from the chilly weather and the charm it brings. It would be best if you had some wedding suit ideas for the snow since it will be cold all through. A typical wedding suit should have wool, velvet, or tweed fabrics. Their rich texture can keep you warm all day, and yes, you can choose one of the best wedding suits for the groom from Studiosuits. 

For mens wedding suit ideas, a three-piece suit will work well for winter. This groom outfit will also go well with a waistcoat for added warmth while maintaining style. If you are wearing one of the wedding tuxedos, this is the perfect time to add that waistcoat.

Wedding Suits For Groom And Groomsmen Dress Code

The event's dress code will help determine the mens wedding suits ideas you should go with. It will influence your selection when looking for the groomsmen and groom outfit choice. For example, if you are having a black tie wedding, you go in with a classic men's tuxedo.

A traditional groom black suit or a two-piece midnight blue suit will work for a more flexible groom suit. However, note that whatever groom and groomsmen suit ideas you have planned should match what the bride and her bridesmaids are wearing.