Funeral Attire For Men

Funeral Attire For Men

Funerals are one of the inevitable events of life we must attend at some point in our lives. Does a funeral have a dress code? You might want to know what to wear to a funeral if you haven't attended any. If you are unsure what to wear as funeral attire, we will help you decide what is appropriate. 

At a funeral, you pay your last respects to the dead and mourn with the bereaved family, so ensure you dress respectably. You must keep your personal style out of the way and wear the outfit chosen by the deceased's family as the funeral dress code. We will explain to you further the funeral outfit etiquette and how you should dress appropriately. So if you are a man attending a funeral, follow this guide to help you dress appropriately, respectfully, and modestly.

What To Consider Before Funeral Attire

Prior to deciding on your attire for a funeral, take into account several factors. These factors hold significance as they establish the funeral's dress code and provide guidance in assembling your ensemble.

The Deceased

The departed individual holds the focal importance as it's essential to honor the legacy of the deceased. Your relationship proximity to the person who passed away will dictate the appropriate attire for the funeral.

When considering your attire, remember that selecting the appropriate suit for funeral services is a sign of respect and understanding of the occasion. Immediate family and close associates may opt for more formal attire compared to others. For friends or colleagues of the spouse or other family members, a less formal dress code is acceptable, however, your dress code should not be anything casual.

The Season Of The Year

The time of the year will also determine your funeral dress code. For example, if the funeral happens in summer, attire like a two-piece suit for funeral is perfect. 

If the funeral takes place during the winter, you have the opportunity to dress in a manner that complements the season while still adhering to the appropriate funeral attire, such as a funeral tuxedo. Also, know where the funeral service will happen, whether inside or outside. It will help you determine what to wear.

The Family Culture Of The Deceased

Family persuasions and cultural beliefs will impact how each family carries out the funeral, including the dress code. If it is a Christian orthodox family, the funeral attire men will likely wear is black all through but simple and modest attires. 

In all these, it is essential to respect the family's directives or the deceased's wishes on how they want the funeral to go. If they give a particular funeral dress code, it's best to adhere to it. A funeral is a place to grieve, celebrate, and honor the memory of the dead, so follow their wishes.

Attire Choices

Various choices of clothing can be suitable when considering what to wear. Yet, it's crucial to also make sure you abide by any specified funeral dress code and adhere to the appropriate funeral attire men are expected to wear.


If you already possess suitable outerwear, there's no necessity to acquire a new one when contemplating what to wear to mens funeral. Your existing piece is suitable, and you can don it for the funeral ceremony.

It could be an elegant suit jacket or a sports coat that will still make you look sophisticated while maintaining the sober feel of a funeral.  

Two-piece Suit

A customary ensemble for funeral attire for men is a two-piece suit. This attire is formal and generally conservative, so maintains a dignified appearance without drawing excessive attention. When considering the suit color for a funeral, it's recommended to opt for a darker shade. For instance, a solid black suit or a charcoal suit would be appropriate.

Both the tie and shirt should also be in black, although a white shirt is also permissible. The color you would wear should be primarily black, except if the family has a laid-down funeral dress code. While neutral colors like gray suit or navy suit could be acceptable, it's crucial to confirm the appropriateness of such colors. When uncertain, selecting black attire is a safe choice.

Dress Shirt And Tie

Dressing appropriately for a funeral outfit men will wear during summer can pose a challenge. If the weather makes wearing a two-piece suit uncomfortable, there are alternative options that should still adhere to a formal standard, avoiding casual attire.

If you can't deal with wearing a two-piece suit due to hot weather, your funeral clothes for men can be a dress shirt and tie. Additionally, having an sports coat or black suit jacket on hand can be helpful, offering the option of added formality if required.

Dress Shirt, Tie, And Sweater

If you have a funeral in the colder season, you might want to keep warm by layering your funeral outfit. Most funeral attire men would go with in this chilly weather is combining a dress shirt and tie with a suitable sweater can strike a balance between comfort and formality.

A sweater provides that insulation you need, keeping you warm while still being a formal outfit. If you want to wear a sweater as part of your funeral wear, go for unstructured ones, it can be a neck or crew neck. These types are modest and will fit in a funeral setting. 

Dress Pants

The trousers you wear should be strictly formal, no shorts or jeans. Opt for impeccably tailored dress pants or refined chinos as alternatives.. In terms of color, considering the somber nature of a funeral, black pants is the expected choice. However, there's room for substitution, such as opting for dark gray pants or navy blue pants. It's advised to steer clear of vibrant hues, as the intention is to pay respects and grieve alongside the family, rather than draw attention through flamboyant colors.


You can wear various shoes with your funeral attire as long as it is formal. If you own a pair of oxfords, that will be a perfect fit. While there are other shoes to wear, oxfords stand out for various reasons. They are classy, flexible, and modest. You can also wear different shoes like derby, wingtips or brogues but oxfords fit best. 


Funeral wear mens will wear should go alongside accessories too. However, the accessories should complete your men funeral attire and not show off style. You could wear cufflinks, watches, and pocket square for formal wear, but it should be befitting for a funeral and not to show off. The belt should also be simple, the same color as the shoes. 

What You Should Never Wear To a Funeral

You have seen that the fundamental aspect of funeral attire goes beyond wearing what you feel is the right outfit or the funeral attire men usually wear, but what is appropriate. If the family asks for a particular funeral attire, don't disrespect the family by doing the opposite. Attending a funeral, you must dress to show respect to the dead and the family. That said, there are clothes that you should avoid, and we have listed them here. 

  • Jeans: Wearing jeans as part of your dress for funeral is out of the question. Jeans can fit well as a casual or even smart casual and are mostly seen as an outfit for social events. Instead of jeans, you should wear black pants for a funeral.
  • Tees: Leave T-shirts out of your funeral clothes when going for a burial. You can also wear a black polo, especially for a summer outdoor funeral, but never put on a T-shirt for a funeral, even if it is black.
  • Sneakers: Still on the same lineup of casual items, sneakers are highly not recommended for a funeral. It is footwear for informal or social meetings and should not be worn to a funeral. 
  • Suggestive Clothing: It is disrespectful and sensitive to wear something sensual as funeral apparel. Men should avoid wearing short, tight clothes that might send the wrong signal.
  • Trendy Wear: Avoid any attention-grabbing and eye-catching outfits that will distract people. 
  • Tacky Items: Avoid clothing that makes you look shabby and unorganized. Items like a wrinkled shirt, ruffled coat, unpolished shoes, etc., can make you look tacky and ugly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Men's Funeral Attire?

This is the funeral dress code for men attending the funeral of a deceased person. Whether you are close to the dead person or a friend to their spouse or colleague, you must know the type of men’s funeral attire to wear. Black is the preferable outfit to wear, even though you can wear navy or charcoal. Other neutral colors are also allowed, but you must know the family's proper attire for a funeral and stick to it.

Can I Wear a Blazer And Slacks To a Funeral?

Yes. You can wear a blazer and slacks to a funeral as your funeral outfit if you don't have a suit or sports coat. It is appropriate funeral attire male can wear. You will look better wearing a blazer, dress shirt, slacks, and shoes.

Can I Wear a TurtleNeck To a Funeral?

Turtlenecks under a suit might appear too casual for a funeral suit. Remember that this is a funeral, and you want to appear formal, so your funeral dress code must portray that. Ditching the turtleneck with a traditional dress shirt and a tie would be best.

For Funerals, Are There Cultural And Religious Rules To Follow?

Yes. Different families have various beliefs and family inclinations that they hold tenaciously to, including how they bury their dead. So, all religions and cultures worldwide have specific guidelines and what is accepted or not as men’s funeral attire. It's essential to know the acceptable dress for funeral and respect the cultures and beliefs.

Can I Wear a Different Suit Color Apart From Black?

While the proper funeral attire male would wear is conservative black funeral suits. Black is the outfit you would see most people wear for a funeral, which is a traditional choice. However, other colors like deep blue or darker gray can also be suitable. When choosing your mens funeral attire, the most important thing is to wear a subdued color that will not grab people's attention.

What is The Right Shirt To Wear For a Funeral?

The color of the shirt for a funeral is usually between the traditional black or white shirt. This is the proper funeral attire men would wear, so ensure that you stick to any of these colors. However, you should never wear a T-shirt because it doesn't fit the setting. So, get a plain button-up shirt, whether black or white, for the funeral service.