Fashion Basics For Men

13903383668_c592e7438e_z Do you struggle to find the "right" clothes in the morning? If so, you aren't alone. Many man are difficulty choosing balancing fashion with functionality. Whether you're going to an important job meeting or just going to eat with some friends, however, you should always look your best.

Belt and Shoes

First and foremost, you should get into the habit of matching your belt and shoes. Wearing a black belt with a brown pair of shoes isn't going to work, as the two colors will clash to throw off your entire look. Generally speaking, it's recommended that you choose basic colors for your belt and shoes, such as black, brown or beige. Opting for more complex colors will make it harder to create a matching outfit, which is something you want to avoid, of course.

Shirt and Ties

When choosing a shirt and tie, consider the two colors and how they impact one another. You obviously don't want to wear the same color tie as your suit, but the two items should flow together in a cohesive manner. A white shirt with a black or red tie is a simple yet elegant choice that's sure to compliment your look.

Pleats or Flat Fronts

You have one of two different options available when choosing pants: you can wear pleats or flat-front trousers. So, which one is better? It really depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Flat-fronts are generally preferred over trousers, as they contour to the body, making you look slimmer. Regardless of which pants you decide to wear, make sure they fit your body. There's nothing worse that having to wear a pair of baggy pants to a formal event.

What About Socks?

When in doubt,  choose a pair of socks that match the color of your pants. If you're wearing black trousers, for instance, a pair of black dress socks will suffice. However, you can create a bolder appearance by wearing a socks in a different color, assuming it still matches. Feel free to play around with different sock colors to see what works and what doesn't.


Don't underestimate the importance of wearing the right accessories with your outfit. A watch, cufflinks and pocket handkerchief will go a long ways in creating a well-groomed appearance.  The great thing about accessories is that you can always remove them later in the day if you don't like them.