Enhance Your Suit with Genuine Horn Buttons

Enhance Your Suit with Genuine Horn Buttons

Every man needs a suit, regardless of his occupation. Whether you work in an office or not, certain occasions will arise that call for a suit. Perhaps it's your best friend's wedding, or maybe it's a dinner date. If you don't have a suit for formal events such as these, you'll stand out like a sore thumb -- and not in a good way! But you'll want to choose the right suit, which means considering all of the subtle elements, including the buttons. Men's suits are made in a wide variety of different fabrics and styles, including twill, linen, cotton, wool and corduroy. They are also made with many different types of buttons, some subtle while others more bold. Some men disregard the buttons on a suit, assuming it has little-to-no impact on its appearance. The reality, however, is that subtle details in the buttons can and WILL affect your suit's aesthetics and overall look. Don't assume that buttons are insignificant when choosing a suit. Although small in size, they play an important role in the suit's appearance and quality.

A Little Bit About Buttons...

Buttons have been around for centuries, being primarily used to fasten clothes and garments. Some of the oldest buttons consisted of ivory and turtle shells. Because of federal laws to protect endangered species, however, these buttons are no longer made nor sold in the United States. Horn buttons, however, are still made and sold in the U.S., as they do not threaten otherwise delicate ecosystems and animal populations. You can find horn buttons on a countless number of different clothes and objects, only one of which is suits.

What are Horn Buttons?

A horn button is exactly what it sounds like: a button made of horn material. They are typically made from cow and buffalo, although some horn buttons may feature horn material from other non-endangered animals. It's a relatively simple process that offers some amazing benefits when used in a men's suit (we'll get to that below).

Benefits of Horn Buttons on Suits

You can expect to pay more for horn buttons than other styles and types of buttons, but you have to think of it as an investment. Horn buttons are stronger, more durable and last longer than buttons made of traditional materials. While low-quality buttons have a tendency to crack and break -- especially when washed and dried -- this isn't a problem with horn buttons. You have to remember that horn buttons are made of animal horn, which is particularly strong. They are designed to withstand extreme force and pressure without cracking. This doesn't necessarily mean that horn buttons are diamond-strong, but they are certainly stronger and more durable than other buttons and materials. So if you're looking for Of course, horn buttons are also an excellent conversation starter. When someone asks about your suit, you can explain that it features genuine horn buttons. Most people are unfamiliar with the materials used to create buttons, so hearing that your suit features actual horn buttons will likely amaze them. Horn buttons are incredibly stylish, more so than traditional buttons. They feature subtle nuances in color and texture, making them stand out from other buttons. If you are looking for the perfect, most stylish suit on the market, there's no substitute for genuine horn buttons. It's an excellent addition that's sure to improve your appearance while giving you a stylish edge. The subtle appearance of horn buttons will make your suit stand out, enhancing your appearance and improving your overall look. buttons-876547_960_720

Where do I Find Suits with Horn Buttons?

Now for the million-dollar question: where do I buy suits with genuine horn buttons? This is a tricky question, because many retailers and sellers claim to offer horn buttons, but in reality their buttons are made of other material that mimic the look and feel of horn. But while they may look the same, faux horn buttons are anything but. They lack the strength, durability and unique aesthetics of actual horn buttons. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping that you find a suit with genuine horn buttons, you should consider ordering your suit here at StudioSuits. We offer GENUINE horn buttons on all of our suits, so you can rest assured knowing you are getting the real thing. If you find a jacket you'd like to buy on our website, simply choose horn buttons during checkout to have them added. All horn buttons offered here are made of genuine horn material. There's no fake or faux materials used in these buttons; they are 100% genuine and authentic horn buttons. Adding horn buttons to your suit jacket is an excellent way to improve its quality. Horn buttons are prized for their quality, which is something that can be said for traditional buttons. They are made with the finest genuine horn material, improving the appearance of the suit. And because they are so strong, you don't have to worry about them cracking or breaking. But there's more to a suit than just buttons. Here are some other things to consider when choosing a new suit:
  • How many pockets does the suit have? And where are these pockets are located?
  • What material is the suit made of? Stick with lighter fabrics like twill, linen and cotton for the summer and heavier fabrics like wool for the fall and winter months.
  • Who made the suit? Remember, it's best to choose quality over quantity. A single high-quality suit, such as those offered here at StudioSuits, is far more valuable than a dozen low-quality suits.
  • How does the suit fit? Steer clear of off-the-rack suits, as they rarely fit just right. Instead, custom order your suit here. We allow free custom sizing, meaning your suit will fit perfectly, assuming you provide the correct measurements during checkout.
  • What color suit do I want? Suits are available in dozens of different colors, so choose the one that's best suited for your needs.