Double Breasted Suits vs. Single Breasted Suits

Double Breasted Suits vs. Single Breasted Suits

Men’s suits are available in one of the two styles – double-breasted or single-breasted. The terms ‘single-breasted’ and ‘double-breasted’ refers to the arrangement of the buttons on the jacket or coat of the suit. There has been a shift in interest from the athleisure look of the single-breasted suits to that of the smarter and contemporary double-breasted suits. This guide will help make your decision easier on which type of suit would be perfect for you. 

What is a Double-breasted Suit?

A double-breasted suit, mostly intended for men, is designed with wider overlapping front lapels along with two columns of buttons. Usually, the first column of buttons is functional, while the other one is ornamental. They usually come with many buttons, usually 4-6. The term ‘double-breasted suit’ usually refers to the entire garment, including the double-breasted jacket and matching formal trousers.

What is a Single Breasted Suit?

A single-breasted suit consists of a formal trouser and a jacket, coat, or a similar item that has only one column of buttons, and usually, there is no overlapping of the fabric. These usually have a front closure in the center of the jacket, which is secured by a single or a few buttons. As a general rule, the more buttons on the suit, the shorter will be the lapels, and the more attractive the suit will appear.

Double Breasted vs. Single Breasted Suit

Which one is better - double-breasted vs. single-breasted suit? The age-old debate has been raging for a long time, and there is no definite result in sight. It all depends on personal preferences and the occasion one chooses to wear it to. The key is wearing the best-fitted suit to your next event. However, it is best to know the differences between single and double-breasted suits to help you pick the right one. Double-breasted suits are usually more formal than single-breasted, and one would not generally wear them to any random occasion. Men’s fashion double-breasted suits are usually longer and narrower at the waist compared to single-breasted suits. They also put more focus on the top of the body rather than the entire body that a single breasted dress does. Another difference between the two is that double-breasted suits usually have 4-6 buttons while single-breasted usually have just two.

When Should You Wear a Single Breasted Suit or Double Breasted Suit?

There is no thumb rule on when you should wear any of the types of suit – single breasted or double-breasted suit. To make a style statement, you need to know exactly what is appropriate for different occasions. Single-breasted suits are usually suited for semi-formal events or as casual wear. But, the style of the double-breasted suit is considered to be more formal than a single breasted suit. There are plenty of double-breasted suits in style for you to choose from for weddings, office environments, or black-tie events. 

Why Double Breasted Suits?

Double-breasted suits are a great investment for men. Even if you prefer single-breasted suits, double-breasted suits are a must in your wardrobe. Wearing a double breasted suit tailored for you makes your waist appear narrow. The wide peak lapels broaden the chest to draw the eye upward and make you appear taller than you actually are. The construction of the double breasted suit adds a formal touch making it perfect for formal occasions. It can easily be accessorized with a tie and handkerchief. 

How to Wear a Double Breasted Suit?

Having a custom suit made that fits well will be far more flattering than any off-the-peg suit. The cut of the suit will help define the shape of your body and make you look sharper. Let the double breasted suit do all the talking, so keep the rest of your look simple. Keep one of the buttons fastened until you have to sit down. It means the middle one for a 6-buttoned suit or the top one for the suits with 4 buttons. 

Best Double Breasted Suit Styles

The vintage style of the 80s, double-breasted suits, is coming back in fashion in the 21st century because of its unmatchable style and versatility. Here are some of the types of double breasted suits that are popular among men –

Huddersfield DK Charcoal Pure Wool Double Breasted Blazer

This charcoal-colored pure wool blazer with robust black buttons is more on the formal end of the suit spectrum. Get an ivy-inspired look by matching it with charcoal flannel trousers and a tie.

Black Merino Wool Jacket

Ideal for formal settings, this black Merino wool jacket features peak lapels, 2 buttons, and 2 button sleeves. The handcrafted jacket is perfect for a youthful and refined look.

Blue Merino Wool Double Breasted Style Jacket

This blue Marino jacket blends a classic look with a slim fit for a more modern look. Featuring peaked lapels, brown-colored vintage buttons in the front, along with 4 cuff buttons, this is another fine choice for a retro yet a 21st-century ensemble.

Light-weight Tweed Suit

This 2-piece double-breasted suit, made of pure wool, injects elegance and luxury into the tweed suit. The suit is the perfect gentlemen choice for winter and features a standard lapel along with 2 buttons in the front.

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