Did You Know? 6 Fun Facts About Men's Suits

Did You Know? 6 Fun Facts About Men's Suits

Leave the Last Button Unfastened

Can't decide how many buttons you should fasten on your suit jacket? Traditional etiquette says that the last button should remain unfastened. So if your are sporting a jacket with the standard three buttons, you should only fasten the top two while leaving the third unfastened.

The Word 'Suit' Means 'Following'

According to Wikipedia, the word "suit" was derived from the French word "suite," which translates into "following." So, what does a men's suit have to do with following? Although ambiguous, suits are essentially the culmination of years of fashion. Therefore, you are following a fashion trend by wearing one.

Modern-Day Suit Styles Spawned from the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution had monumental, groundbreaking effects in regards to our modern-day way of life. In addition to laying the groundwork for automated factories, it also spawned a new era of suits. Suits had been around before the Industrial Revolution, although at the time they were extravagant and often times embroidered with jewels. The Industrial Revolution changed this, introducing a new trend centering around more practical, comfortable men's suits -- a trend that continues to this day.

Suits are Made in Variety of Materials and Fabrics

Think cotton is the only material used in the construction of men's suits? Think again. While cotton is often the preferred choice, there are several other fabrics and materials used in their construction as well, some of which includes wool, cotton, corduroy, twill, tweed, linen and even silk. When choosing a suit, pay close attention to the fabric, as this will affect its performance and style. Twill and linen suits are often preferred for the hot summer months, simply because they are lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Custom Fit Suits Became Popular in the 1970s

It wasn't until the 1970s when the demand for custom-made suits began to rise. This trend was due largely in part to Haggar, who introduced the concept of suit separates, allowing men to purchase their jacket and pants separately.

Solid Colors or Pinstripes

Traditional business suits are made in either a single, color color or pinstripes. You can find suits available in other designs, such as multiple colors and animal print, but these tend to lack the formality necessary for business attire. So if you plan on attending an important business meeting, stick with either a single color or pinstripe suit.